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Sleep Problems. Please help.

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  • Sleep Problems. Please help.

    I am C2,3,4 incomplete and I live in Delray Beach Florida. I need help with my sleep problem. My stomach area burns, pinching, pain kind of feeling that wakes me up at nights.This only happens at night. I am fine during the day. When it happens at night I wake up but the burns, pinching, pain kind of feeling goes away like nothing happened but I still have sleep and when I want to go to sleep then those things start again and it does not let me go to sleep. Usually when people have heartburns or GI issues they are still there when they wake up in the middle of the night. Mine is weird. They wake me up but I have no discomfrot other than just wanting to go back to sleep but when I try to go to sleep they come back and saying "not yet." I've had this for 12 years. I had my SCI about 2 1/2 years ago and this issue came back about 2 months ago. I had two endoscopies about 4-5 years ago and in the first one they found Ph Pilori and Dr. gave me antibiotics and it was gone but it did not help with my problem. Then 1-2 years later, I went to another GI and he also did endoscopy and he put a sensor around my esaphagous and recording device around my neck and I had to press it whenver I had that feeling. When I pressed the button the recording showed that acid was low so he gave me some pills to try and one of them gave me diarrehha and he told me to stop it. I had also had my gallblader removed in emergency care about 4 years also and I think becasue of my stomach or abdominal (I don't know what else) area.

    I was on muscle relaxer and sleeping pill for a 1 1/2 year. I try different foods and they help a night or two but then they hurt again. I stopped wheat abot 4 days ago and it was not bad for 3 nights but last night it woke me up at 1am ( I go to bed around 9:30pm) and then I could not go to sleep. It is driving me crazy.

    So anyone who can help me I would really appreciate all their help.Please.

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    Here is a website for diet after cholecystectomy.

    Don't eat late at night, eat small frequent meals, avoid fatty foods - clean eating.

    Have you been in to see your provider recently? Are you on a PPI (like omeprazole) or H2 blocker (like ranitidine)? have you had any labwork completed lately?
    What type of a bed do you have? can the head of bed be elevated?

    The questions I asked are all indicative of treatment for gastro-esophogeal reflux or indigestion.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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      Thank you SCI-Nurse. I eat around 5:30 to 6pm and walk for half an hour and I go to bed around 9:30pm. I really eat well and healthy. A lot of fibers, water and no sodas or processed foods. I really don't know who to go to because regular GI's really didn't help me at end. I really need a doctor who understands what I have as others do not understand and treat it like a regular acid reflux. I am not taking any PPI. I took nexium about 10years ago when I started to have this issue and it helped me then but it was just starting and mild at them time. In later times I took zantac, prilosec and they did not work then.

      H2 blocker: what is the difference between PPI and H2 blocker. I don't think I took it. I have a Tempurpedic bed. It can not be elevated. I tried putting a few pillows but they did not work. Thanks

      Note: If I sleep good one night and I try to eat the same next day but then it doesn't work. It's like saying no you can't have the same food two nights in a row.


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        Do you have a gastroenterologist who is following you regularly? Have you gone back to see him since the symptoms restarted in the last two months? What did he/she say? Have you tried restarting an over the counter PPI in the past 2 months, to see if it helped? If so, what did you take and when did you take it?

        I think you need to be on a PPI, and am surprised the doctor didn't tell you to restart one when your symptoms returned. And you should probably take a PPI or H2 blocker at night, either before dinner or before bed.

        Have you tried sleeping on a wedge? This can also decrease the chance of reflux.

        Has anyone thought you might have gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying), which can contribute to more reflux symptoms? Some foods exacerbate this, including high fiber diets.

        Reflux/GERD is very very common, and more common with age.

        Agree with the nurse's suggestions - don't eat late night snacks, avoid foods that seem to exacerbate your symptoms (eg. think about what you had for dinner the night you woke up with symptoms).


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          Thank you hlh. I don't have a GI that I see regularly and in fact I did not see one in the last four years because he could not help me. I don't know if I have a reflux because when I wake up the burn or the discomfort goes away. Then when I try to go to sleep again then it comes back and stops me from sleeping again. The burning feeling or discomfort does not affect or happen around my esaphagous. It is more around my belly button. I tried nexium, zantac, prilosec before and they did not help me. I will look into wedge pillow.

          What you said is interesting about gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying). I read a little but I don't have most of the symptoms like vomitting, poor appetite, Feeling full quickly when eating, Poor appetite and weight loss, Poor blood sugar control but I did not have bloating before and I think I do now but that's all.


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            Nurse, also what is the difference between gastro-esophogeal reflux and indigestion? My esaphagous is not affected by my condition but what is gastro-esophogeal indigestion? Thanks


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              The burning doesn't have to be in the esophagus. It can be in the stomach area. It is common for the pains/burning to come and go quickly.

              Try sleeping propped up on an extra pillow or a wedge, buy some omeprazole and take it before bed, and make an appointment with a gastroenterologist with an interest in the stomach. Keep a little calendar and write down which nights you wake up with the pain and see if it correlates with anything you ate the night before.

              The symptoms of gastroparesis can vary. I wouldn't worry about that now, as you have other things to try.


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                Thanks hlh. I really appreciate your help and advise. I slept really good last night with a little burning but it was nothing bothersome. I ate small dinner maybe that helped. I ate 5 times today small meals as the nurse suggested and I hope that helps too. I am also keeping a record of what I eat and how I slept. I will get a wedge pillow. I will contact the doctor after I do these changes because he or she might suggest some of these things. Thanks again.


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                  I just wanted to update my situation and maybe it can be useful to someone. I tried many things since the above date and everything I did helped only a few days. Then the same problem. My surgeon told me to go to one gasterologist that he recommended and he said if that does not help then go to Cleveland Clinic. I first went to Cleveland Clinic and they did blood tests and gave me some OTC IBguard, gaviscon. She also put me on FODMAP diet. Those worked a little bu then it did not work. Then she sent me to have CT scan with contrast and that came back normal. Then she said you have a nerve gut disorder and put me on Elavil (amitriptyline) 25mg before bed. This is the only thing that worked. But it was hard getting used to it. I did a lot of research and you have to take it about 8-12 weeks to see the results as it builds up in your system. I still have to be careful but this pill saved me. I suffered from this for the last 12 years and this is the best thing. Also I was tired a lot and they did a test and B12 came low 389. I had 1 shot every month for 3 months and they will do the test again.

                  I think the stomach and gut thing is so complicated that there is no one answer that fits all. Hope nobody has issues like me but if they do then this thread might give some guidance.


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                    Glad you made this post I have been suffering from the same type of symptoms for six or seven years! Nobody has been able to find anything wrong and it's pretty frustrating. I recently purchased a book called breaking the vicious cycle and I'm trying to follow its recipes as closely as possible to see if it will help.
                    I also need to go in and talk to my Dr. Because my recent blood test says I am low in vitamin B12 along with a few others lack of exercise isn't helping me.
                    Well I hope you find all find all the relief you're looking for :-)
                    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)


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                      Hope you go to the doctor after trying the recipes in the book. Hope your doctor is good as some do not take it seriously. At worst go to a research hospital like Cleveland Clinic or Mayo and they will try to find the issue. Good luck.