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Bowel program post-op baclofen pump

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  • Bowel program post-op baclofen pump

    I've got progressive MS and have been working on establishing a bowel program since July with mixed success. I've been "manually removing", including up thru the upper interior muscle for 15 years. I'm very concerned about ANY leaning and twisting - even to digi stim or remove from lower rectum as I'm getting a baclofen pump implanted in November. I see there are digi stim devices which could alleviate that part of the bending, but still not the actual removal. I'm obviously very concerned about post-op, tho I guess some laxatives would be needed anyway due to painkillers? But I'm even concerned long-term about dislodging or kinking the catheter and winding up back in the OR. Any advice at all for a brand or type of digi stim device, but also is there any other way to get the poop OUT after it moves down? Suppositories don't do it.

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    What suppositories have you tried? If you have used a regular bisacodyl suppository like Ducolax, it may not have worked because it is vegetable oil based and takes a while to melt. Magic Bullet ( bisacodyl suppositories are water based and melt quickly to help stimulate peristalsis. Another alternative is Enemeez (, mini enemas.

    I've used Magic Bullets for many years and find they aren't working as well for me as they once did. I've tried Enemeez (about a 6 week trial) and they didn't work at all for me. That said, many members here use the Enemeez and think they work better than anything they've ever tried. I don't know if Concepts in Confidence offers free samples, but Enemeez does offer free samples of Enemeez and Enemeez Plus (with lidocaine).

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      We have our patients refrain from lifting over 5 -10 pounds, bending at the waist, twisting -especially away from the side( usually in right lower quadrant of abdomen- the pump is on as the catheter threads to the spine and can be dislodged.
      This surgery is like any major abdominal surgery and precautions should be for at least 3 to 6 weeks.
      a digistimmer and suppository inserter recommended. do you have someone to assist you especially the first 2-4 weeks? I would recommend. Enemeez works well on most people but it is a small - 5 cc- tube that you have to squeeze. I know some have put in a syringe and rigged something easier.
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