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Pain After Foley Cathing, Urethral Damage?

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    Pain After Foley Cathing, Urethral Damage?

    Hi All,
    I'm able to urinate voluntarily but its difficult so I occasionally use a Foley catheter, when going out for appts, etc. I understand Foley cathing can lead to urethral tears and I think I may be experiencing that now. My last cathing was a little over a week ago and it was a lot more painful than usual when the cath was inserted. I also experienced occasional urethral pain the whole time the Foley was in.

    I kept the cath in for 2 days and experienced pain when peeing for 2 days after removal. On that second day I also noticed small skin like bits in the bottom of the urinal. The pain eased up for a few days but seems to be coming back in the past 2 days. This morning I again saw the skin like bits on the bottom of the urinal.

    I never noticed blood in the urine at any point after the catheter was put in.

    If my urethra was damaged, how long does it take to heal? Are there meds or supplements that can help w/the healing process? Would cranberry help w/this?

    Thanks for any info you can provide.
    Dan G. in CT

    Lube and insert slowly to avoid trauma. However, when the bladder grips on it the end of the catheter still digs in. I.e. damage to the inside of the bladder itself.

    Even the proximal balloon of twin balloon catheter can irritate the bladder. Was seen in cystoscopy Duette catheter thread.

    You also get stuff growing on the surface of an indwelling catheter.

    Need anticholinergic drugs to settle bladder with an indwelling catheter. Also need the drugs to keep pressure down between intermittent catheters.

    If voiding without catheters is difficult then tamsulosin and baclofen may help.


      Could be enlarged prostate( AKA benign prostatic hypertrophy) or sphincter spasms or sometimes scar tissue. Use more gel and would recommend- Tamsulosin 0.4 mg po every night. Helps reduce prostate and relax muscles. IF you do get a "false passage" recommend putting indwelling in for 1-3 weeks to allow healing but if you are only cathing every 7 days or so then might be ok. CWO
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