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New York Times Article on Antibiotics 3/7/16

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  • New York Times Article on Antibiotics 3/7/16

    "Fifteen of the 18 largest pharmaceutical companies have abandoned the antibiotic market entirely. Research funding in all areas of academia has been cut back significantly as well. While 19 new antibiotics were approved by the F.D.A. from 1980 to 1984, only 13 were approved from 2000-2014. We aren?t keeping pace with resistance.

    While we can quibble about the exact cost of bringing a new drug to market, we can all agree that it?s a lot of money. Drugs in the United States are profitable when they are sold in great volume or when they are very expensive. Antibiotics, as a class of drug, provide a poor return on investment for pharmaceutical companies. They face low-priced and generic competition. Any breakthrough drug will almost certainly be held in reserve for only the most resistant cases, meaning there?s not a huge immediate market for it, when a company still has exclusivity."