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Why Can't You Get Rid Of UTI-Causing Bacteria When You Pee?

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    Why Can't You Get Rid Of UTI-Causing Bacteria When You Pee?


    Right now, UTIs are generally treated with antibiotics ? in fact, they?re the second most common reason antibiotics are prescribed. But resistance to antibiotics is increasing. These new findings might help researchers develop alternative drugs that target FimH attachment specifically in order to prevent the bacteria from hooking on in the first place.

    The bacteria has little hooks and they grab on, so when you pee they don't get flushed away. Working on meds that attack the hooking mechanism and dissolves it should be a huge help for UTIs.
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    This would be nice but if there isn't any money in this for the researchers they won't research it to hard. Drug companies won't research and create new antibiotics because there is no money in it for them. The drug companies want to create drugs that you take like candy like cholesterol and high blood pressure meds. Not antibiotics that are prescribed for short periods of time.


      Biofilm -and there is research being done on this.
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