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    Hello folks,

    After quite a while of taking 4-ap, I've started taking 4-aminopyridine-3-methanol.

    Very good. I like it a lot.

    I generally take 0.5mg (for the entire day).

    It feels like (if my joints or muscles were metallic) my joints have been oiled, or greased.

    Does this make sense?

    The 4-ap would alleviate my spasticity and foot-drop to a certain extent, but i still had heavy, achey legs.

    The 4-aminopyridine-3-methanol is so much better. Maybe the best thing about it is it eliminates the heavy as lead feeling in my legs.

    If I sit down for a few hours, when i stand up I don't stagger about (as much).

    And, it really helps with fatigue as well.

    But, is it safe? People have been using 4-ap for years. But not this.

    Is anybody else taking this?

    As far as I know, this drug isn't even being tested in humans yet. Where did you get it?


      In another post, the OP said he lives in Japan, (although on a different forum he claims to live in England): and he claims to be buying it but gave a link to regular 4AP (not the methanol compound).

      Putting himself out there as a human guinea pig it looks like.

      A quick Google found it available as a chemical (not a drug) in the USA:

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