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Help hubby has a new wound, just found it!

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    Help hubby has a new wound, just found it!

    I was just laying husband down for the night and got him out of his chair. He can stand with my assistance to do a pivot transfer to bed. As soon as I lifted his feet to put them on the bed I noticed a huge wet spot on the sheets. I rolled him to find that his whole underside of his left top of the leg is red and the skin is peeling off. It is very wet. Appears just a layer of skin is coming off. I can't post a picture so if someone would tell me how I do have pictures. At first we couldn't figure out how he could get a pressure sore there but then I remembered that his foot rest had fallen off today while I was working and his leg was just dangling. He has a power chair with tilt so he just tilted back more so his foot wouldn't drag. This must have caused the pressure against his seat cushion. I cleaned it off and removed as much of the skin as I could. I sprayed it down with vetrycin and also added some solosite cream and then loosly bandaged it. Left him on his side to sleep tonight, propping pillows around him so he couldn't roll back on it. Any other advice???

    Did it improve? when wet skin can break down ( maceration).I would keep him off that area and keep it dry till healed.
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