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indwelling catheter vs supra pubic catheter

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    indwelling catheter vs supra pubic catheter

    Hello I dont have a SCI but i do have many of the same symptoms are completely bedridden and since 2011 have been using a indwelling catheter (at the time i was quite indepedent in a manual wheelchair. I have multiple neurolgical disabilities which have caused the incontinence (bladder and bowel) anyways I have a question for you. Also just so you know i am in Australia....My catheter is currently latex i am not allergic and reading some other posts some other people had the same problem with all silicone catheters for me it was FAR too stiff hurt like hell and just wouldnt sit right at ALL and kept clogging when it was first in i was at the emergency dept 3 times in a fortnight cos of them clogging (now i at least can take it out but cant put it back in)

    I am female just so you know. around mid 2012 (about 9 months after I started using a IDC my urologist suggested that i switch to a supra pubic one. I had an appointment booked (i think its hard to remember) with the anesthetist and also a potential procedure date too but when it got to that date around oct 2012 i was inpatient very ill at another hospital. Ironically i was in hospital because during a transfer with two people my husband was behind me and as he pulled my pants down he also pulled the catheter out (balloon up) this triggered some awful amount of pain and other symptoms ....and i ended up at an interstate hospital and had to be flown back by air ambulance to my state cos i couldnt sit uprgith at all. In any case we were on holidays and this was cut short because of me getting sick.

    So thats how me getting really really really ill started.

    On top of all that (and many many symptoms) I have chronic thrush for which my gyne dermatologist has prescribed flucanozole for because the creams made it worse and i already take probitotic. My rheumatologist (deals with chronic pain and fatigue issues) told me that i should try to get the IDC changed to a supra pubic catheter and I am concerned because I have awfully low immune system completely compromised and the anesthetic scares me (do NOT want to be awake) i was told it was a relatively short procedure and I think the urologist told me that it was under a local but i cant think how they would do it like that????

    So anyways because i am at home with my husband and have literally no help with health care (i have home asseistance but i cant get to the doctor unless by ambulance i get sick if i am in my wheelchair for 5 mins) I havent been back to the urologist to discuss everything with her again and all she knows is that i was in hospital for 10 months (2 months sick 8 months cos they didnt have funding to send me home so they left me in hospital) and thats all she i need to go back and explain it to her.

    i also have vulvadynia and thrush and I think that my rheumatologist who spent more time discussing this the catheter and my bowel care routine instead of why i wentt o him which was cos of the pain believes that the SP catheter would suposedly eliminate the thrush altogether

    So now it gets to the tricky bit because ive had the IDC for so long and it leaks sometimes (mostly with a UTI which i get frequently actually ) I got concerned that even though there would be a SP catheteer it would actually leak the other way cos i was told by the urologist that this was a total possibility if it was IDC for too long....if i hadnt of been sick and bedridden this would have been sorted out but at the moment it is hard just toi manage each day let alone a procedure or whatever

    So i dont know much about the difference other than it could be more comfotable i do not have SCI so i can feel everything (dont know if this makes any difference or not) and i also dont know much about the procedure like how long it takes or is there any treatment that needs to be done after its put in? My support worker mentioned that some of her clients need theres cortorised and that doesnt sound very pleasant

    So how much risk is there to the catheter site? will it mean the risk of infections UTI and at the catheter site as welll? my gyne/derm doctor when i mentioned SP catheter she said that because of the vulvadynia wouldnt i then have pain there AND pain at the SP site as well therefore double the pain?

    sorry for so many questions

    I am not going to do this right away but want to research my options. I also have bowel incontinence and the gyne /derm dotor hasnt been involved since august 2013 because she told me straight up there was nothing she could do for me until my bowel incontinence is sorted and well it mostly is i now have `1 microlax enema a day every day and that started 4 days ago i had previously since sep 2014 been doing kit 1 every 2nd day but it didnt work enough and prior to that i had no bowel care and had up to 5 accidents a day so the bowel care has cut that out quite substantially.

    The doctor told me she couldnt help the thrush and the skin and gyne issues and not to come back she told me there wouild be two places hruting rather than one.

    If anyone has any advice or info on SP catheters that would be great I am extremely sensitive to meds so a light short acting general anestheticf may or may not be OK the anesthetist would have to figure it out

    thanks for your help

    You have a complex history making the decision even tougher. If i were you i would seek an opinion of someone with expierence with neurourology. There are such urologists you just have to look for them.
    T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009


      Your history is certainly complex. There are a couple of things I would recommend. One, search this site for information on suprapubic tubes. Try to find a physiatrist (rehab physician) who should be able to coordinate your care and also should be able to work with you on some of your functional issues, besides your bowel and bladder issues. Lastly, I would recommend that you find a neuro-urologist.
      I am sorry that I can not be more helpful. It is just that your story is complex and I truly believe you need someone you can trust that will work with you and your family to find the answers to these questions.
      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.