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Sweat below injury, cold hands and feet. Please Help!

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    Sweat below injury, cold hands and feet. Please Help!

    Im new at this forum, Im from Mexico (sorry for my English), 37 years old, complete SCI T1- T2, 17 years ago.

    A couple of months ago I started to sweat below the chest, also felt like my blood pressure went up, and felt abdominal spasms. My Dr checked for Syrinx but we found 3 hernia (T8, T9 & T10), I had surgery last September after the surgery I sweat a lot, I think Disriflexia from the pain, after 15 days the sweat almost stop completely but around 45 days untill today the sweat came back and its worst everyday.

    It increase when Im in the bed and I flex my body, I feel I reliefe when I extend the body and open my arms, this also happens when Im seat down, using the cellphone, computer or eating... again, when I flex a little my back

    My chest and back is always to hot and my hands and feet to cold ( I have full sensation and movement on hands)

    My blood pressure goes up, around 170 - 100, in the mornings after the effort to get dress, after 15 minutes of being seat down the blood pressure gets normal

    I dont know if its related but I have and stomach infection that has been off and on for all the 2014. Its possible that my stomach pain is so hard that becomes Disriflexia?

    Do you have any recommendations?


    Any infections anywhere? Sounds like classic AD yes it's possible your stomach issues could be the culprit. Why not try some tylenol or motrin to see if that helps. Alot of the time if its pain it will help for me. If infection make sure you are being treated with the right antibiotic. Any chance of a UTI?
    T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009


      Thanks for your reply Smashms
      I just checked my bladder and there is no infection. I'm almost finish the stomach treatment but everything is the same. Right now I'm sweating and my blood pressure is ok, actually a little low.
      The sweating happens only when I was lay down, know it's almost all the time.
      I tried Motrin and it helps a little

      im really desperate the quality of life being wet all day is terrible



        How can you check for UTI? That can and should only be done at a lab. To make sure the results are accurate.
        T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009


          What I was trying to say is that I just receive my lab results


            I think you need another MRI. there is something going on with your autonomic nervous system. Most SCI don't sweat BELOW the level of their lesion. If aboe, then we always think of AD. And your blood pressure is up so you are correct to try and determine the cause- it could be your stomach but if still happening and meds. Something is telling you something is going on. I would have it checked out. Bladder and bowel ( are you emptying very good every day or every other day?)or most common. But it can be anything including appendicitis. gallstones,
            Cold feet kind of normal.
            Keep making sure everything is ok.
            It may just be "normal" for you after your injury but I would make sure everything is checked out.
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