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ACDF/Spinal Myelopathy Recovery and suggextions, please

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    ACDF/Spinal Myelopathy Recovery and suggextions, please

    On August 13th I had a bilateral, multilevel foraminotomy of c5/6 and c6/7 that failed completely. Not only did it fail, but in 12 weeks my body laid down enough bone at these levels to cause a cord compression that has reduced my arm and hand funtion an alarming amount. In six days I will be having a two level ACDF. I know well the recovery guidelines and restrictions for this surgery but what does a para do? I mean, it is easy for a surgen to say that you can't lift more than 5 pounds for 12 weeks. but let's be practical. What can I REALLY expect? I am a T7 incomplete that uses a wheelchair 100% of the time.

    My new surgeon says that there is an 80% chance that my function will return. Any guesstimations on how long this usually takes-if it happens?

    I will be going to rehab for two weeks following surgery-assuming they take me.
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    I had acdf in feb 2011. you really won't be able to lift your arms over your head for quite some time and you won't be able to lift anything over that weight. I am totally clueless how you'd be able to transfer and use your chair. The pain isn't going to be anymore intense than it was for your foraminotomy I don't think. The incision will be along the front and isn't too irritating. I was in a hard collar for quite a while post surgery. Not all surgeons use a hard collar.

    It would be a good idea to have someone help you out for a few weeks. You will need to depend on other people to get things for you, such as pouring from a gallon of milk, reaching anything overhead...doing anything that requires arm strength or sustained arm motion.

    Other people will probably be able to chime in with more useful into.
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