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  • Slow Slow Bowels

    So my bowels have done a 180 on me for the longest time I was having a very minimal output and every third day or so having explosive diarrhea.
    Thank goodness for my colostomy bag!

    Now it seems I have the opposite problem I have very minimal output but I'm not constipated. I feel like a rabbit that craps little pellets every other day I guess I should be glad I go at all except for the added pressure I feel on my abdomen. I drink more than enough water and have plenty of fiber in my diet and I've tried a few different stool softeners in hopes of getting my bowels moving but didn't have much luck.

    Any suggestions on what to do to get things moving more smoothly?
    FYI I take a Valium at night along with my other meds could it be slowing things down?
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    Go fix you a big bowl of park and beans a little browned hamburger and hotdogs or bacon strips. Fix ya right up. Sounds stupid but it works for me. haha


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      Laxido Seemed to do the trick for me, a couple of sachets every day.
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