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  • Panic, bladder, intro

    (I tried posting something similar a few days ago, but it didn't show up.)

    Hi all, I?d like to become more active in this community (haven?t been much of a lurker or poster since I joined). I had an incident happen recently where I realized that I needed to reach out to other SCIs more for support. What happened was I had a bladder infection that got really bad, to the point of vomiting and panic attacks that cycled for almost 5 hours. I ended up in the ER where they handled the infection. At first I thought that the severity of my symptoms meant that I was ?going septic?, but after reading through some posts here I see I?m probably mistaken. It?s hard to believe I could be so traumatized by just an infection. I realized that I get very depressed without support, which is when I start to neglect my health.

    I?m also hesitant to post here because of an incident that happened to me when I tried joining the old NM board about ten years ago (about 3-4years post injury). Apparently someone thought that I was someone else, being an imposter and trying to fool them. At first only one person thought that, then suspicion started to spread until most people thought that, erring on the side of caution. I guess I typed like someone else, or something, I don?t know. What I do know is that I felt kind of devastated, for 2 reasons: first, someone?s early years of SCI are often marked by being emotional anyway and second, I really needed support at that time, and the closest SCI support group was almost 2 hours away and I did not drive. I felt I had no one to talk to (especially as an SCI female), even my doctors didn?t seem to know much about me. I ended up leaving the board shortly thereafter.

    Recently I was telling my counselor about this and how I wanted to try again in light of my recent health scare. He thought that what had happened on NM was pretty cruel. I suddenly found myself defending the other side to him: SCI boards are not like other message boards. Often SCIs don?t get out as much [like me], and this online connection can mean a lot. People talk about personal problems, health problems, sometimes graphically, so even though it?s the public internet you?d like to think other people weren?t sitting there, eating popcorn while reading your graphic details. We get stared at and asked personal questions by strangers all the time in public, so you?d like to think a message board specifically designed for you would be at least a little bit of a haven from that. And the darkest side of it is that sometimes we get sick, injured and/or we die at rates relatively higher than most message boards, I imagine. The emotional ante here can be high.

    So, I guess I can see both sides. All I can say is: Hi, I'm Laurie, 36yo female 14 years post. T-9 complete.
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    Hi Laurie, welcome back to CC. There was an upgrade to the site a year or so ago, and it turned out to be a disaster. It was difficult to post, many old posts were lost, and a lot of folks went elsewhere. Even though the site is working properly now, there are a *LOT* of people who who no longer log on here. However, there is still a core of caring, helpful members, so I think you will still find us a good source of support.
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      Welcome Laurie, I think you'll find this site helpful. I remember those NM days, and I can understand your feelings, that was a pretty ruff crowd then.


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        Thanks for the welcome!


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          It was distressing to see participation go down on Care Cure Community during and after the software up grade, but in some ways, it has been a good thing because I think there is a lot less drama than before. Looking forward to hearing more from you laurielou.

          All the best,
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            Welcome. Hope you get the support you need. No drama allowed here!
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