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Mitrofanoff Procedure for bladder control

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  • Mitrofanoff Procedure for bladder control

    37 years c4-5 quad. 31 years I used a Texas cath. Got a sore on my rear and was always moving around so the cath came of often. Was advised to use a foley as urine would not get in sore or have to worry about getting wet for duration of the healing wound. Was supposed to be 3-4 months. 6 years now, sore is about 0.5cmL x 0.2-3cmD x 0.2-3W and still have the foley. Left side has been killing me for last 20 years. Ad trouble with foley, kidney infection, stones, and ANS/Congestive Heart Failure. I was gone for a little while.

    I am currently taking iv's for sepsis from kidney infection. Thought I was through yesterday but will be on then until July 7. Infectious disease Dr. says I have so many stones in the left side I will continue to have an infection every month.

    Urologist wants ne to get the Mitrofanoff Procedure done as soon as possible and then get the stones.

    DOES ANYONE HERE HAD THE MITROFANOFF PROCEDURE or a is there a newer -better- option for a quad with no hand movement. I am doing something to change my situation as soon as the iv's are done.

    If you have had this done please let me know your opinion. Donnie Wyatt

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    Are the stones in your bladder or kidney?
    Your case is complex because of the wound and the stones and the CHF and the antibiotics

    when the dampness/wet of your foley or external catheter interferes with wound healing it is time to switch to a suprapubic or the mitrofanoff which is forming a bladder from your intestines. Suprapubic ports do not exclude you from getting future bladder stones which may be why the mitrofanoff is being suggested

    I hope another member responds on their experience with the mitrofanoff
    I'm sorry about all your troubles I hope things stabilize for you soon.

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      The mitro will not prevent kidney stones you will always get those, big surgery, it was my choice to go for the ileal conduit rather than that surgery. I have heard both good and bad things about it. Best to trust your surgeon.
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        Thanks for the few who have responded. The stones are in the kidney not the bladder. On the x-rays the left kidney is covered with little dots and 1 huge diamond ! My mothers side of the family has a history of stones. My mother had her first stone in her early 20's. She has scars all over her stomach where the early day's removal was surgery. She he can tell you the history of kidney stone removal as she changed with the evolution of the procedures evolved. Now it's lithotripsy. At 77 years old she still has stones that are embedded in her kidneys and Dr. says she is better off living with those than trying to remove.
        Smashms I am interested in the ideal conduit. Like you say the mitro is a complex surgery playing on your intestinal and plumbing. I could and probably will have to put up with the kidney stones. When the Dr. looked at the x-rays he said the monster would be easy to get out as it was almost all at the edge of the kidney. He said the others would be different as they were embedded in the kidney and more tests would determine the procedure.
        ANYONE having a mitrofanoff procedure please share your experience. NOT many things scare me but this does. Anything that can go wrong seems to do so with me.