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    My left foot has been sweiiing for 6 months now, off and mostly on. Was wondering about constipation with sleeping on left side. Or maybe fentenal (just increased from 12 to 25 mcg), or using artificial sweetner for its laxitative effect. Laying with foot raised for couple hours fixes it. Have pretty much quit the artificial sweetner. 10 years ago my left foot swelleded, my Dr. changed my high bloodpressure medicine (Lisinopril) and that fixed it. Been worring about it. And I've been eating lots of ice cream lately, also. (ha jeeze, not ice cream) What is it about left feet?

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      If your past history indicates damage (tendon or bone fracture) to that leg or a previous history of blood clot in that leg.1st thing - rule out a blood clot, rule out a fracture, rule out cause of swelling with xray initially and MRI to discern cause of swelling; 2nd review medications - gabapentin, amlodipine also cause lower extremity swelling; 3rd look at positioning in wheelchair and seating

      Really should get this checked out good luck and keep us updated

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        These days - it's either dairy or sugar (I'm in denial) in ice cream that is making my feet swell as well. I refuse to give up my Ben & Jerry's addiction. REFUSE. lol
        I think i'm guilty of both salt n sugar cause both feet are swollen and i'm fine with em lol. Im sure they will deflate soon
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          I was fortunate enough to tolerate the heat this summer for the first time since my injury. So I was outside all the time and enjoying a tan once again. My feet got huge and I thought something was seriously wrong. Now after coming out of flip flop season and summer heat, I know it's just simply heat. How disappointing to have a great tan but have shiny combustible looking feet. Oh well, at least it was nothing major like I feared.