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Problem with unused but open Mitrofanoff stoma

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    Problem with unused but open Mitrofanoff stoma

    I read through a lot of the Mitrofanoff posts but I couldn't find this exact situation, so please excuse me if this a repeat question.

    I have a C5/6 Injury and I had a Mitrofanoff procedure done with my appendix a couple years ago (but no augmentation) I was not told to irrigate it or anything.

    I'm trying to use my Mitrofanoff stoma after not using it for a couple years. (It has been kept open by using an L stent.)

    I'm not sure if it was the best idea to try to drain the stoma laying down (other people use it laying down though I think) but all that ended up in the size 12 French catheter was a tiny bit of blood and some mucous. The catheter kept poking into something which really hurt (I think it must have been my bladder because I don't think I would feel the inside of my appendix) and I've had a bunch of pain, AD, and spasms afterwards.

    I would appreciate any ideas about how to get this to work. Is there a good angle to try it? After everything the surgery put me through I want to get the most out of this that I can.

    I was also wondering if Benzalkonium chloride s a good thing to clean it with or if something more gentle would be better for the Mitrofanoff stoma.

    Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it. Melissa
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    Even with a stent in place, it is possible that your Mitrofanoff has closed after such a long time of no use. You need to see your urologist and have his/her evaluate the patency (openess) of the tract before you try to do anything with it again. They may need to use a lubricious catheter, or a smaller size to get in at first, or even a sound or wire. Hopefully you will not have to have a surgical revision.

    Cleaning the stoma site can be done with something like baby wipes. If you have exposed mucosa at your stoma site, Benzalkonium chloride, Betadine, or Chlorhexidine are less desirable and probably not necessary.

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