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Help Needed! Sudden unexplained Autonomic Dysreflexia- need Dr. Wise/Nurse or Advise

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    A year later I am still adjusting to my new seating system. But then mine includes cut outs in the hard part of the Jay cushion so I sit with my hips straighter and the new back has stabilizers for side support. Getting older in a chair is not for sissies. My left side is stronger in most areas than my right so I tended to lean to the left causing scoliosis. This works fairly well in my power chair but I just ordered a plain back for my manual chair. I can't move around in it with the side stabilizers and that caused some pressure spots over a two week trip. Since that travel is mainly for travel I'd rather have to concentrate on how I am sitting and not worry about getting a sore. But yes, even in the power chair and tilt I still get rather sore after a long day up.
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      I wrote this for my webpage to help educate others on the issue. Please like and share if you feel it has value. If I made any mistakes, let me know and I can change.

      I Figured something productive needed to come out of this experience.

      No more episodes...just goose pimples in legs with movement...motrin only for now...until more tests.

      thanks everyone who responded.
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        Did you ever figure out what was causing the AD? I am having VERY similar symptoms.