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    just wondered if anybody was using this and what to expect?

    Yes, I used Forteo (not Fortero) for 27 months (once a day injections that usually are prescribed for 24 months maximum. I was about 27 years post injury (C6/7 complete) when I tried this osteoporosis medication. My t-scores did not improve with this medication. There are some members here who have had much more improvement than I did. After going through many modalities of treatment, I am currently taking once a year infusion Reclast, and have seen improvement in bone density two years into treatment.

    All the best,


      Hello Bullet,

      I went through the 24 month injection program and my orthopaedic surgeon said my DEXA scan showed normal bone density restored except for one spot on my right hip.

      After injection, I would feel fatigued so I did my injections just before bedtime. I never had any other side effects.

      Good luck.

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        My father used it (L3 ASIA C para) starting about 1 year after his accident. No side effects. His bone density improved on it a little, which surprised us since the doctor said that DEXA scans cannot detect the kind of strengthening/remodeling that Forteo promotes. In other words, your bones are "stronger" then your DEXA scan reveals. He is now on Reclast once a year.

        We know his bones are doing very well, since he has fallen many times and has no fractures.