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Anyone ever tried Bentonite laxative?

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    Anyone ever tried Bentonite laxative?

    I just bought this, hoping it will help me have only one bowel movement per day, instead of two. I've never done a cleanse or detox. I take probiotics, and I think my system is healthy. I just want to slow it down, because it's so time consuming to go twice a day (6am and 5pm). My final solution is colostomy surgery Jan 29, which I'd like to avoid.

    Will Bentonite help? I'm a little afraid to start it. Don't want accidents.
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    When you have your bowel program, what is the consistency of the stool? Is it well formed-solid or is it loose and diarrhea like? If the latter, you may benefit from something like Metamucil. I don't think a cleanse or detox process will solve you problem long term. I agree with you that a bowel program twice a day is time consuming and a bother. The goal in most rehab units is a bowel program every other day.

    How is your diet? Do you take any meds that may contribute to needing to have a bowel movement twice a day? I assume you have talked to a gastroenterologist about the frequency of the bowel program, otherwise you probably wouldn't be on the brink of getting a colostomy. You may want to try to get a second opinion about the colostomy. That said, I have read posts from several people on this site and they say the colostomy is the best thing they ever did. Personally, I would just want to make sure I had covered all the bases before taking this step.

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      The stool is well formed. I take psyllium husk powder daily. I eat a high fiber "vegan" diet, with meat once a week (no dairy). I drink only water. I've been experimenting lately by eating less fiber and more meat, and even dairy, to try to slow down my system (also because my hematologist said to eat 80-100g of protein per day, until the surgery, to increase my platelets (I have ITP) and healing ability). I've gotten lower volume, harder stools, but it's still coming twice a day.

      The GI doc did a colonoscopy Dec 17, but I didn't think to ask him about my 2/day problem. I actually think it's the normal rhythm of my body, unfortunately. I did every other day w/suppository/enemeez for 25 years, but became to sensitive to them.

      I started the bentonite tonight, and it's definitely doing something! A friend just warned me that it can remove good bacteria too, so I am increasing my probiotics.
      "Cherish your tears. If you can cry, you still have some humanity left, and you are reclaiming more of it." -- David Kelly


        What is your level of injury? have you had a thorough GI evaluation, including colonoscopy, abdominal film looking at the interior and exterior anatomy of your intestines?

        Bentonite has mixed results by reviews I have seen. I would need to read and understand more about it before I could recommend it.

        There are several reasons why someone would have two bowel movements per day. For a lower level injury - cauda equna - there is nerve damage directly to the muscle control of the anus - and therefore a lack of control over bowel movements expelled from the rectum. Psyllium helps bulk up the stool therefore slowing the transit. Another reason for loose stool would be a virus or bacteria or use of antibiotics or irritable bowel syndrome.

        The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


          I'd work with a good GI doctor a bit longer. If you're not a low para than maybe look at IBS. It is done by ruling out everything else so quite a few tests. An often used drug to control going too much or having the diahhreal type is cholestryamine. It was originally used to lower cholesterol but it had a constipating effect most patients didn't like. It is a powder that is stirred into water or juice but unlike OTC bulkers it doesn't really dissole so stir and down it. And plan on seeing your dentist more often because of that non-dissolving thing. But it does work for most on we you find a good dose.
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