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    SP and Catheters

    So I'll soon be joining the superpubic catheter club and I'm wondering what's the best catheter out there to use?
    My Dr. Informs me he prefers a 22Fr but doesn't have A brand preference. I have one friend who tells me I shouldn't use anything but a silver coated catheter. Bardex I.C. Silver-Coated Latex Foley Catheters - 2-way, 5cc which are $13.00 a piece. .
    Yet another friend tells me not to worry about that and get one called BARDIA Silicone-Coated Latex 2-way Foley Catheter with 5cc Balloon which are a $1:26

    I have enough trouble keeping my ostomy supplies in check this is going to drive me to drink :-)

    So does anyone on here have A favorite brand? I have Medicare for insurance otherwise it's out of pocket.
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    This is what we've used for years, prevents latex allergies. $5.18 each.

    ETA: the nice thing about these all silicone ones are that they are a tiny bit stiffer than the latex ones, and as a result are easier to insert. I found the silicone coated latex ones to be too rubbery/bendy to put in as easily. I could do it, but I find the all silicone ones to be easier to deal with.
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      I have used the Bardia silicone coated ones for two yrs. without any problems. Good luck with your SP.


        Thanks for that information, any other supplies for a SP you might recommend or procedures that you want to pass along so I/we aren't beating our heads against the wall and frustration. .

        What size catheters do you use?

        And do either of you switch from a leg bag to a night bag? I want to continue to be able to wear my levi's during the day and so would like to continue using a leg bag. I'm a little worried about the pressure that might be applied to the catheter.
        Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)


          He uses a 16 French - he started with a 18, but I had trouble a few times getting it in, so we downsized to the 16 and I've not had trouble with that size. Are you going to be changing it yourself? If so, I buy this kit for changing it:

          I also order these leg straps:

          And of course blue pads and gloves, nothing special required there.

          Are you going to be changing it yourself? The first change will be at the doctor's office after its inserted, but after that, do you plan to do it yourself or have a caregiver do it? Or will you have a visiting RN?

          Yes, he switches to a leg bag in the day, its absolutely no problem at all on the catheter.
          Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


            But I won't be changing it myself it will be my mother or I have a friend who has a SP and his wife has said she would be glad to help.

            It's not rocket science right?

            If it's not too personal of questions do you have insurance pay for yours or is it out of pocket.? So many things to get so much organizing to do I guess after a while then becomes an easy routine I'm hoping. .

            By the way do any of you suffer from AD a lot with the SP? Sorry about all the questions hope you're all having a good day.
            Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)


              My husband uses a 22 fr. Bardia silicone coated cath 5 cc balloon. 12 of them are only around $15.00 I also since he can't empty a leg bag himself cut a small slit in his jeans on the left leg near the seam and just feed the bed side bag tube thru it and then hang the bedside bag behind his legs in a black bag, you can only see a small amount of the tubing.


                I don't mind the questions at all, I was SOOOOO worried about him getting the SP when he first got it that I pestered everyone I could find! LOL. So no worries.

                It is very easy to change. It is super intimidating at first - the first time I did it I was petrified I would do it wrong, and it took about 5-6 changes for me to feel totally comfortable doing it, but now I feel like I could do it with my eyes closed. It literally takes 5 minutes total start to finish, and the actual insertion itself takes 2-3 seconds. When it comes time to actually change it, the key is to do it FAST, and I mean FAST. Have everything totally 100% ready before you pull the old catheter out. Have the new, lubed catheter in your one hand. Pull the old one out with your other hand, immediately insert the new one right after pulling the old one out. This will prevent the tract from closing up.

                We pay out of pocket for all cath supplies. He has Medicare, but for about $15 a month (total for cath, kit, strap, supplies) I cannot be bothered to submit a form to get reimbursed, and the copay to go to the doctor to have it changed is much higher than that (not to mention, a big hassle).

                Chad never gets AD from the SP *unless* the tube gets kinked, which happens on occasion when he's in his chair. He just lays back, I straighten it out and problem solved. He doesn't get AD from it being changed, its so quick.

                It is very overwhelming at first. But don't worry, or try not to worry. It will all fall into place. And PM me *anytime* with any questions, no matter how small. I love dumb questions .... there's a higher probability I can answer them!
                Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


                  I myself have always used the silver coated bard catheters and had them changed by nt uro every 3 weeks. I have a ppo for insurance and they cover the majority of the costs. Also to clean around the hole I use hibiclense, as it kills bacteria well and it's gentle on the skin, where peroxide actually inhibits healing. Also I use a 4" x 4" gauze that I split half way to the center with scissors and tape it around the tube because you might find you will get a brownish discharge from the hole as it never really heals. If you are sensitive to getting infections the silver coated catheters are better because the silver is a natural bacteria fighter. The silver coated latex catheters are more pliable for fitting under the clothing, where the silicone is stiffer and with jeans could kink near the hole as it is much stiffer. I would order samples of each and see what works best for you. Each person is different and will have different preferences. If you call the companies that make each one directly, they will usually send you out samples free of charge, that way you can see which ones you like first before buying a bunch of one kind only to find you might like another :-) that was what I did, was get free samples to see which ones i liked.
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                    Our doctors put in 16 or 18 fr, because the larger size you can make a bigger tract and eventually leak. Use of Oxybutynin 5 mg twice a day recommended to keep the bladder from shrinking too much or anticholinergic of some type. Brand differs and no preferences.
                    Non latex used more now.
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                      Well looks like I'll be scheduled for June 6 to get my SP lord I hope I'm doing the right thing! I always get so nervous and I am a huge procrastinator.

                      I do think I will ask the Dr. if we can start with A smaller catheter maybe a 18 fr

                      Thank you all for the advice I'm sure I'll have questions :-)
                      Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)


                        I've had a 24fr 5cc for 20 years. I've had problems with several brands of catheters, including pure silicone (too stiff and balloon wouldn't deflate when removing -- very scary!) and Bard brand (but a long time ago). For the last 10 years, I've used silicone coated Kendall (Kenguard) brand and never had problems (less than $2 each, insurance pays):

                        I stopped taking oxybutanin (ditropan) years ago, with approval from my urologist. I didn't like the side effects (dry mouth and constipation), and he said my bladder wouldn't get any smaller than it already is.

                        I have never had a problem with leakage or clogging (I drink a lot of water), and I'd be concerned about clogging if I had a much smaller catheter (quad friends of mine have clogging and more sediment). You will probably notice more sediment as the catheter gets older (e.g. 4th week).

                        I also use a dressing (2x2 nu-gauze, actually 4x4 inch, cut in half and folded, using one half per day) due to drainage from the stoma, that gets changed daily. Held down with 1-inch wide micropore tape. I clean the stoma with 50/50 peroxide daily. The skin is quite healthy after all this time. I rarely get UTIs.
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