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Pretty sure something's wrong, but what?

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    Pretty sure something's wrong, but what?

    Ok, I have this ten year old daughter. She stroked when she was born, went through 3 years of Occupational, Developmental and Physical Therapy with First-Steps. There's no permanent damage in her brain, although she does still have a little winging in her shoulder blades after all of these years. She seems to have gotten over the RSV and Asthma issues as well. The thing that we seem to be battling are chronic kidney infections...anytime she gets a UTI, it seems to go straight for her kidneys and she gets really dark under the eyes and it's difficult to get rid of, she gets a lot of them. AND...she's not growing. She's been wearing the same size clothes since kindergarten and she's in 4th grade right now. She's smaller than most kindergartners and the kids tease her and call her midget. I express concern about this every time I have her at the doctor but he tells me to wait until she turns 12 and she'll probably grow by then. I've had 8 kids. I know they all grow at different rates, some are shorter, some are taller and they all develop at different times. BUT...they never completely stop growing...she hasn't grown in 4 bloody years and all of these kidney infections aren't normal...something's not right. Does anybody have any ideas?

    Who is saying this is OK?? Pediatrician?? Pediatric neurologist?? Has she been seen by a pediatric endocrinologist? I would at least ask to have some pituitary function hormones checked, and if possible, her growth hormone levels. These could have been affected by her stroke.

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