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Maximum Oxybutynin dosage?

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    Maximum Oxybutynin dosage?

    I have been taking 10mg Oxybutynin immediate release 3x a day with ok results. No leaking and fewer UTIs, but when I get the sensation to pee, it's an emergency each time. 3 tablets works wonders, but my doc says I already take more than recommended. But how much is too much for us gimps? The only info Dr Dumbass has is for old folks with overactive bladder.

    I am seeing a urologist next month, but no telling if he knows either.
    Death and taxes

    Here is a reference you may want to discuss with your doctor.
    Can higher doses of oxybutynin improve efficacy in neurogenic bladder?

    I have read that there is some concern about dementia and long term and/or high dosage use of anticholinergic medications. As with all medications, benefits should be weighed against side effects.

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