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Help! Bright read foot and headache for 2 days

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    Help! Bright read foot and headache for 2 days

    His ankle on that foot has had a recurring bed sore but as of the past 6 months, its just a litle dry scab. I was thinking headache was ad due to possible bladder infection. He has had a flu shot. So ;

    Bad headache
    Cherry red foot
    Body aches
    Low fever

    T6 incomolete

    Update: his foot is hot to the touch. Now I am thinking celluitis. He had it before before his injury so I remember the symptoms but I don' remember headache
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    Sounds exactly like what happens to my foot when I get cellulitis. If you don't have any Keflex on hand, I'd go to ER.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
    T3 ASIA A 27 years post injury