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Blood in end of cath what now

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  • Blood in end of cath what now

    So I cahted like normal, and the pee was just done, but when I pulled the cath out, there was blood in the last 3/4 in. Did I just push it in too much or what. Will I get some kind of infection, should I drink lot of water to clean out the bladder?
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    I would just relax. It happens. I am aure next time you cath there will be no blood. It happens to me every once in a while. In my case it never lasts to the following cath.


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      Was it fresh blood?

      You may have just snagged yourself. It happens.

      Don't worry too much. I once pulled a half filled foley catheter balloon out my dink and blood shot about four inches out. It then gushed for about 30 seconds. It was great. I had blood in the tip of the catheter for the three following days.

      Blood in the catheter happens. Drink your regular healthy amount of fluids.

      If you don't develope infections regularly, I'm sure you'll be fine.


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        I had that happened tp me 6 years ago when I had a uti, developed into uro sepsis that I was lucky to survive. Don't wait at all to see a Dr. if you start feeling at all bad.


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          A small amount of blood like that is rarely a reason for concern, although you should review your technique to be sure you are not being overly rough with insertion.

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            Do you reuse catheters. This is a sign for me that it is past time to change to a new one.
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              Hey guys thanks for the responses, you have put my mind mostly at ease.
              What a great place the CCC is, thanks to people like you.
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