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Pressure Sore healed, Now What?!?

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    Pressure Sore healed, Now What?!?

    I had a stage IV pressue sore that has healed on my butt (ishiall) area. It has taken roughly 12 weeks bed ridden to heal. I sit up in my chair for the first time a few days ago for about 1 hour and get back in bed. Now I look at it 2 days later and it has taken a big step backwards!! It looks as if it did in week 8 or 9 with a little bit of discharge as well. My question is what is once you get a pressure sore healed what is the correct procedure to getting back up in the chair. I was only in my chair roughly 1 hour, doing pressure releifs every 15 min, and it looks this bad??! From what I understand the scar tissue is not as strong as regular skin however I am scared I will never be able to sit again? What do I do?

    Thanks for any help.

    Pic A is Friday Sept. 7
    Pic B is Sunday Sept. 9

    You need to be totally off your butt until this is completely healed. You may do well to then apply a piece of hydrocolloid for any sitting you do. Also, avoid any sliding transfers for some time.

    You are right. Scar tissue is never as strong as regular skin.

    Once a stage IV has closed, you need to wait at least another week before sitting. It is also strongly encouraged to use your first sitting time (15 minutes) to do a seating evaluation and computerized interface pressure evaluation to determine if your seating surface and configuration is correct and maximized.

    Our sitting program is as follows, either for a flap or conservative management closure. Each step is taken ONLY if skin inspection after each sitting is perfect; otherwise it is back to bedrest or backwards on the time frame (depending on the assessment). Sitting is daily, but progression is done like this:

    Day 1: sit 15 minutes and have seating evaluation
    Day 2: sit 30 minutes X2 (with at least 2 hours between)
    Day 5: sit 1 hour X2 (with at least 2 hours in between)
    Day 8: sit 1.5 hours X2 (with at least 2 hours in between)
    Day 11: sit 2 hours X2 (with at least 2 hours in between)
    Day 14: sit 2.5 hours X2 (with at least 2 hours in between)
    Day 17: sit 3 hours X2 (with at least 2 hours in between)
    Day 20: sit 3.5 hours X2 (with at least 2 hours in between)
    Day 23: sit 4 hours X2 (with at least 2 hours in between)

    Continue then to increase gradually (usually 1 hour every 5-7 days) to 8-10 hours of sitting daily. Weight shifts should be at least every 15 minutes, with skin inspection after every sitting episode.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


      Gawd, I've got my first pressure sore, and it's like you've all said, it's damned hard to get rid of. It's a stage two, got better, now getting worse. I wrecked my car a month age, and no possibility of another in the near future, so lots of sitting. Oh well will prob, be lying instead.


        Thanks so much SCI Nurse. I will for sure use this program once I get my sore back healed. Very frustrating.... I am just very worried, seems as though I may never be able to get back up and back to work?!?


          Originally posted by MNicholson81 View Post
          I had a stage IV pressue sore that has healed on my butt (ishiall) area.

          Pic A is Friday Sept. 7
          Pic B is Sunday Sept. 9
          From what I see on these pictures, that sore isn't healed completely. I would give it a bit more time to heal before starting to sit again. It can be tempting to start a sitting routine, but after you have seen 12 weeks of healing through, a couple more weeks will give the sore a better chance of staying closed. A big pat on the back for getting the sore healed to this point. Good work!!!

          All the best,


            Thanks gjnl. Yeah, looking back I prob should not have been up last Friday. But only 1hour or so. I did not think 1 hour could make it break back down that quickly?!