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    more constipation

    I'm sure I have I a dozen posts on here about constipation but I'm not getting any better and have tried almost everything. My doctor says a spoonfull of lactalose every night for years is OK?? Thats her solution and won't reffer me to a spceailist for some reason. I have tried the LAX A day stuff and it works for a while then I need to take more and more and more for it to work. Same things with lactolose, a spoonfull worked then two, three now it's a mouthfull and I still get hard balls. I was trying to get away from laxitives completly and was eating Activa with a cearal called "Holy Crap" which all the able bodied love and use it daily. That worked for a bit, then started to take Probiotics. Took 2 a day, then 3, 4 now 6 and still the hard balls are coming. And ofcoaurse fibre, Benefibre everyday and even ate nothing but salads for a week and nothing happened. Nothing works in the long run. I do my routine daily and get lead balls everyday.
    Anybody have any new tricks to try. frustrating as we all know..
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    How much liquid do you drink everyday?

    I've tried 3 or 4 different fiber supplements and the only one that works for me is Metamucil. But, you have to drink a lot of water during the day when you take any fiber supplement.

    Are you using Magic Bullets or Enemeez mini enemas?

    Have you reviewed the side effects of medications you are taking? Some medications can cause constipation.

    All the best,


      3-4 liters a day. I did try metimucil but found benefibre to be better for me, I can hear my guts rumble and pass gas with benefiber. Not on a bunch of pills. 80mg baclofen, 1200mg gabapentien, 50mcg fentanyl patch.. Ive been on a higher doesage 3years ago and my stool was fine but not anymore.
      Mark 9:23 - All things are possible for those who believe.


        Dewie, I empathize completely. I've battled constipation for decades, and didn't think I'd ever find a bowel program that would result in "Goldilocks" stool (you know, who that's not too hard, not too soft, but just right).

        Before I start tossing out suggestions, it would be extremely helpful if you would tell us what your bowel program consists of at the present time. Include everything you do, including how much water you drink, how much fiber you take in every day, what laxatives and stool softeners you take and how much of each, which probiotic you use, etc.
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          Diet of course but with SCI the major issues are the transit time and slowing usually in the lower part of the intestine. and control is the goal. have you tried using a mini enema-Enemeez ( other day or every other day and will empty out the lower part and stool softeners and okay to use lactulose until regular but..... Or the Magic bullet suppository.
          You usually need to use something by mouth and something from the other end.
          Save laxatives for when things get stopped up.Metamucil etc... we don't usually recommend any bulk laxtive because it needs alot of fluid and bowels are dry and slow and it can actually make condition worse!So stool softeners- 2-6 tabs a day twice a day with the enemeez ( start daily then if working ok go to every other day) is what I start with and go from there.

          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


            I have good luck with chia seeds. I make mine into jello and eat about a tablespoon per day every morning. (thats a tbsp of chia in about a half cup of jello.) I really didn't have any major problems until I started a med that constipated me. The "convenient" fiber like Fiber Choice or Metimucil just didn't work for me. I see now that Dole has packaged chia sold in the grocery store but I buy mine in the bulk section of my health food store. I also added a stool softener and take about 300 mg a day. I try to do things all "natural" so I am going to up the chia gradually and quit the stool softeners eventually. It seems that it takes about 7 - 10 days for my bowls to get regulated with the chia seed.
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              Hi dewie
              I like 1/2 cup of semi warm prune juice

              Sometimes I use castor oil or 2 tbsp Mineral oil it helps me because I can get bound up

              Yrs ago I used metamucil but some it works others so so per say my pop swore by it lol .
              For me it never was as effective as the oils or prune juice but call me ol fashioned my grandparents used these ol remedies and it still works for me . I even like chasing a tbspor 2 of mineral oil or castor oil with a nice warm cup of tea in the morning .

              When Travelling if I dont have acess to the bottles of oil There's times i'll go pop 3 ex lax pills and drink Dr pepper thing's get jiggy and I feel better , I keep a lil box of generic exlax tablets in my luggage case because I dont like being bound up ...
              constipation is horrible for any of us here .
              Dietary > I found out cheezes and sometimes pizza bread or foods like that bind me up

              I hope youre doing ok n all
              keep smiling
              Sincerely ;