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    My husband's cholesterol has slowly been rising over the last few years so I would say yes it is indirectly due to the SCI.
    His doc put him on a statin.... which caused his sugar to go way up and he had bunches of bowel accidents.
    Stopped the statin and everything is back to normal...his cholesterol is a little high but we are trying some natural supplements and dietary changes to reduce this number.


      Originally posted by LaMemChose View Post
      I'm on a statin with only marginal improvement. My diet is reasonably healthy, but is about to become even healthier. My proteins are typically chicken, turkey or fish. Beef is eaten only if I am at someone's house and it is served.

      I'm losing weight and that feels good. To bump my diet into the even healthier zone I'm going to use more lentils and brown rice for protein, keep the fish and up intake slightly (salmon), ditch more of the chicken and turkey.

      Getting older is not for wienies.

      We are changing diet should try is loaded with protein...I fix it with roasted veggies...delicious hot or cold.


        The F-U gene, ....good one bethany. I already found one f-u gene (ehlers danlos) may as well make it a party. I got a one drink limit as well.


          I take Vytorin, a statin, and it works wonders. However, there are some side effects such as a dry cough, which I have noticed. You also can't have grapefruit or grapefruit juice while on it...which is really too bad. I miss it. I wish I could control with diet but, heck, I'm from WI and there's cheese and butter everywhere I look.


            142. I don't know how, but it is.

            Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.