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Silicone Catheter Stretching, loosening, and falling off Issues

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  • Silicone Catheter Stretching, loosening, and falling off Issues

    To start off I am currently using a 22fr silicone foley supra pubic catheter.

    I recently just switched from latex to silicone catheters because I hear they're better n I've been getting lots of mucus that clogs it up about every 5 days. Also since the silicone caths are clear I can break up the clog easier because I can see where I need to smack the tube to break it up. I've posted about the clogging issue a while back which is somewhat better but still happening (/forum/showthread.php?t=176293).

    My other issue now is that the silicone catheters only last 6 days then the catheter gets too stretched out and constantly falls off my bed bags and leg bags. I've tried 3 or 4 different brands and sizes with the same results. I just cant win. Anybody resolve this issue or know of a good brand(a link would be helpful.)

    Again thanks ahead of time!

    C5/6 since Feb '07

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    Well there are all silicone catheters then there are silicone coated catheters. I don't have access to my references today on the brand of silicone coated ones but you could do a Google search to check and try out a few.

    The other thing you can do is flush your catheter with sterile water or with acetic acid dilution to break up sediment as well as changing your catheter frequently.

    Good luck

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