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Don't know where to post...I'm ready to have a baby

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    Hi Rachelle

    I am a higher quad (C5), and have had 2 healthy ages 8 and 12. I found that my bp actually was a little higher when pregnant (it's always low, but have never taken meds for it). I am very happy I was able to deliver before watching "Paralyzed and Pregnant" as it would've scared me off. I think her's was an extreme case, and if I remember correctly she suffered from severe infections, as well as C-diff. The result from both could be AD, which can actually cause extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, high and low.

    I'm not going to say it was all easy, but soooo worth it! I know quite a few women (7 I can think of right now) who have had babies post injury, and none have had such an extreme case. There are always issues with bladder, bowels, meds...inability to see your toes . You need a good support system, and a medical team you can trust...I met with anaesthesia 2 months prior to delivery to discuss AD management, and my mind was put at ease on that issue.

    It's such an exciting time! I wish you all he best, and if you'd like to chat, message me


      C5 Quad Mom

      I'm a C5 quad & the mother to a beautiful 6 yr old. If I would have seen Paralyzed & Pregnant I would have been scared to death! My pregnancy was very normal & uneventful. My blood pressure normally runs very low (although I'm on no meds for it) & when I was pregnant it would dip very low, in the mornings mainly, I would get light-headed and dizzy (I never passed out) and I would just lay back down for a about 15 mins and was fine. I had morning sickness, I never threw up and I would lay down every afternoon for about an hour just to get out of my chair....very uneventful as I said. I have a Mitrofanoff Stoma and it held up just great during my pregnancy. I did have to have a C-Section because he wouldn't turn and they tried turning him but he wouldn't. It can be scary but it so worth it! I have healthy AB friends who were a lot younger than I was and had so many problems. Find a good Dr & you know your own body & don't rely on TV show that showed an extreme end of it. IMO Good Luck!


        ^ My girls! Thank you )
        "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
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          i am c7. gave birth thru emergency c section (not related to sci). but an epidural is pretty important. my t6 friend almost died of dysreflexia during birth. don't be scared. just be in high risk facility, epidural and you and baby will be fine. i had to fight my insurance for high risk hospital, loma linda, way before delivery. tg, i did.