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  • Somebody must know the answer!

    I am almost 3 years into this handicap scene now and am living my life as normal as possible. I know loads of you have this same problem and have looked up lots of other threads. But I am searching for someone to tell me how I can take a regular shit of normal size. I mean it, I get up everyday at 5:30, shove in the bullet, watch the news and wait for the prize. take a shower and then off to work for 8 am. It seems that my body waits til i get to work to rumble and shoot out this nasty slime form my ass by 830. So back in the truck, head home, after telling the guys at work I just shit my pants again, and reshower and new clothes. Sometimes I even am blessed with the actual product I was looking to dump at 530, but an hour and a half late. I eat great, drink plenty, and am as regimented as possible as to my timing. I simply want to wake up shove something in my ass and take a shit. One of you out there must have this figured out better than me. Please write a reply and let me know what works. I get this type of accident about once a month and to be honest i am just tired of it. It is the only setback I have. Ill shove a vibrator up my ass if thats what it takes, I am sick of these little turds and slop, I want a mans size bomb to hit the toilet and be done til the following morning. Milk of magnesia seems to blow it out, but in foul black paste form, and other laxitives make it too unpredictalble. Hit me up with ideas and proven techniques. Happy Easter........ Charlie

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    Second all that is said. One of us needs to create a sphincter relaxing cream, call it "manbomb". These little rabbit turds are frustrating.


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      Go at night. This way if you need to go your home already. Yes, it screws with some night time plans but you can sleep later in the morning and the anxity is lessened some.

      You may want to go every other day instead of every day to see if this makes a difference in the size of your poopage.
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        I do not have a real solution, but maybe a work-around. I have always done my bp in the evening as a matter of convenience. Have you considered that? At least when the delayed reaction happens, it will not be at work.
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            Are you using a whole bullet? If your using a whole one, maybe some of it is left behind causing the accidents. Maybe try using half of one. I use half a bullet because a whole one gives me cramps.
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              Yes on evening bowel programs.

              Yes on every other night bowel programs.

              Do you do any digital stimulation and/or check that everything that is going to come out is out?

              Supplements to a high fiber diet and adequate water intake: Metamucil and a probiotic supplement every day.

              My program steps are:
              *Remove stool in the rectal vault manually.
              *Insert Magic Bullet. Wait for results.
              *Digital stimulation. Wait for results.
              *Digital stimulation, at the point usually a mucous like substance is expelled. Once it seems the mucous like substance stops passing, clean up.

              I'm sitting at my desk right now, knocking on wood that by saying this I won't jinx things, but I haven't had an accident in probably 8 years.

              All the best,


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                wait longer before your shower, i found if i tried to speed it up and finish early, i had the little surprise a hour or so later, finish your bowel program first
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                  Frosted Mini Wheats. About 2 cups a day, with a cup of milk.

                  Enough fiber to form regular turds, and the sugar attracts enough liquid to allow your colon to do its job. Maybe doesn't work every day, but it gives you enough control to prevent unexpected liquid farts.


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                    there is a natural flax seed like supplement that i found in costco. it is from mexico and is called chia. i figured it is the shavings of a chia pet!.
                    it doesn't require refrigeration, sprinkle i teaspoon on up on yogurt, smoothies, cereal, etc. it is cheap and a bag would last a year or more, well a costco bag.
                    They say it is better then flax seed, which is also pretty potent.
                    i tried it a couple times and it is pretty good at combining everything.
                    i agree with the others, do it at night. One thing i noticed is movement, causes more residual action. i cam walk , and if i take a enemeez and try and go anyplace with in four hours, i will most likely crap myself. I finally realized it is the motion, so even if you are able to push, that motion on the abs /intestines will cause the secondary reaction. I think most of the things you stick in your butt cause a secondary butt snot or worse. probably new stuff going into the vault and left over irritant or softener, and it works again,especially if you are moving around a lot.
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                      Could it be a morning coffee? It has that effect on able-bodied let alone us!

                      Otherwise, I wonder if Peristeen (or some other imitation bowel evacuation device) could work for you? Fifteen minutes and finito!
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                        One word: ENEMEEZ! It will empty you out and NO MORE SLIME!! We went thru the same thing you are, wet slimy farts half way thru the day! My son does his BP every morning. Less than 1 & 1/2 hours and he is out the door - shit, shined and shaved!!


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                          Before you do anything, figure out which advice you are going o use. Make one change at a time! And stick to it for a week - maybe 10 days. Thyen make anaother change if you need to. I would seriously suggest using the program that gj gave you. It is exactly what I would recommend.
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                            Thanks everybody. Am going to try some of these ideas. I think it does have something with movement, its like the car ride makes you want to go. Enemeeze I tried but maybe not enough days, maybe will try again. Coffee, I thought of that too. But figured if I shit out everything then the coffee would have nothing to push out. Night time makes sense, but I get home from work at 630, eat and do home work with the kids, read mail, talk of the day and then 1 hour of tv. Night pooping will be too late, and what if you go out on a weekend night, then schedule is screwed up.

                            I dont post much, but i do when i need a question answered, its not like I can ask my AB friends. Thanks again.


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                              Originally posted by Mombo View Post
                              One word: ENEMEEZ! It will empty you out and NO MORE SLIME!! We went thru the same thing you are, wet slimy farts half way thru the day! My son does his BP every morning. Less than 1 & 1/2 hours and he is out the door - shit, shined and shaved!!
                              I second the ENEMEEZ!

                              I was using the Magic Bullet for a couple years too, but ENEMEEZ cut my bathroom time in half. My BP and shower is completed in one hour flat. That's a far cry from the 2-3 hours it took with the MB, and as Mombo mentioned, no more "residual slime" from the suppository.

                              Yes, it costs more . . . . quite a bit more, actually. But, the faster BP and no more slime is worth it in my opinion.

                              Also, as others mentioned, I do it every other night. But that's just cuz I want to spend as little time in the bathroom as possible.

                              Good luck.