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Bladder Augment and Mitro Recovery

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    Bladder Augment and Mitro Recovery

    I have been considering the mitro/augment procedure for a few years now and have read hundreds of posts about the experience and I thank you all so much for the wealth of information!
    I am definitely leaning towards getting the surgery either this summer or next (I have to do it during summer break so family can come out and help with my recovery). My big questions now are about recovery. I gathered from everyone posts that it is really unpleasant. So here are my final questions- until I think of some more :-)

    - After the hospital stay, will I be able to sleep in my own bed next to my husband?

    -I will have family members here to help for 4-6 weeks and my mom(who is an RN) will be here immediately afterwards. Should I still get in home health to help with transfers and bathing?

    -Do I need to get a hoyer lift?

    -I am a c5/6 quad and I can do most transfers independently and I use a power assist wheelchair. How long will it be until I can do my own transfers and propel myself outside?

    I know everyone recovers at a different pace but any insight to what kind of help I will need post surgery would be incredible!

    I can't thank everyone on this site enough! I would be pretty lost without it. I'm looking forward to being suprapubic and bag free.

    Thank you!,

    Sounds like you have a good plan. I would strongly encourage you to get a lift (you can rent or purchase), since you will undoubtably be restricted in doing self transfers for up to 4 weeks after discharge from the hospital while your incisions heal. It will make your care easier for your family members who are helping too.

    No reason you cannot sleep with your husband, but you may still have the indwelling catheter in place when you first get home, so you do need to plan on that.

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