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Compromised Tissue After Pressure Ulcer Closed

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  • Compromised Tissue After Pressure Ulcer Closed

    Had a Stage IV pressure ulcer that's getting close to healing. But getting up for just two hours causes dark purpleish/blackish bruising right near the wound (even on an active air cushion).

    How long can this be expected? Will it be better once the wound closes all the way? Will I ever be able to be back up for 18-20 hours a day?

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    Ouch. Being up for 18-20hrs per day is not healthy for anyone. Are you able to avoid that? Is it work-related or care-giver related?

    Did you have surgery or heal this on your own?
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      Why are you sitting now?

      Did you have a flap or did this heal conservatively?

      When first sitting after a major breakdown, it should be only after having had a seating eval, ideally with interface pressure studies done on computer, and only for a short period of time. We do this the same as sitting after a flap: 15 minutes the first time up, then the next day up 30 minutes twice, repeat for 2 more days, then, only if everything looks OK, advance by 30 minutes (twice daily) every 3rd day.

      Depending on how much scar tissue you have, and good muscle padding, you may not be able to ever again achieve 20 hours a day in the chair, but that is unsafe regardless. A good goal would be to gradually work up to 8-10 hours daily at a stretch, being religious about skin checks and every 15 minute weight shifts to get there.

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