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    I'm a paraplegic and have to get a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. I'm worried about the "prep," which my doctor described as "basically a night of diarrhea." I'm thinking of jump-starting this horrible process by going on a liquid diet a few days ahead of time, but I'm still worried about accidents and how to manage them. I live with my teenage daughter but don't want to ask her to help clean me up, etc. Any suggestions?

    Hello "sarahct,"
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    A liquid diet started a few days before the actual prep day is a great idea. Much has been written and discussed here about colonoscopy prep. My best advice is to do a search of this site either under the Google symbol in the upper right corner of each page or a more advanced search page can be found in the darker blue banner above. Just type in colonoscopy prep and there will be tons on information for you to read and study. If you have additional questions write back.

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      For my last 3 colostomies, I was given golitely and just sat on my commode/shower chair starting about 3 hours before I was to leave and drank 4 or 6 ounces (whatever they told me to use) every 5 minutes. After about the first 45 minutes, I was at the point where just about 2 minutes after drinking it was through my system. As I recall, by about 75 minutes, there were no more solids coming out with the fluid. I then went in to the shower and cleaned up and stayed in long enough to assure myself that I wasn't going to leak.

      I understand that there is something better than the golitely now.
      Don - Grad Student Emeritus
      T3 ASIA A 27 years post injury