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Cleaning urinary drainage bags

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    Cleaning urinary drainage bags

    I've had a SP tube for nearly 6 years, and no one ever told me that I could take the bag off and clean it. In fact, I was told not to do so.
    So... I just wear a bedside bag until it gets a bunch of junk on it (about a week), then I trash it. How often do you guys clean your bags? Is there less risk of UTI with cleaning the bags or just keeping the system closed the way I do?

    If you disconnect bags to attach a leg bag during the day, both bags should be cleaned daily. If you maintain a closed system, and never change to a different bag except to place a new one, then it is best to not clean.

    To clean bags, this is the recommended procedure:
    1. Empty the bag
    2. Attach a clean funnel to the intake port (use a short length of leg bag tubing).
    3. Fill bag 1/3 full with tap water.
    4. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Drain.
    5. Repeat.
    6. Fill bag 1/3 full with 10% bleach solution (freshly made).
    7. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
    8. Drain.
    9. Wrap in clean, dry towel and store until next needed.
    10. Replace bags monthly.

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