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    Bowel care

    I am concerned that I may possible have an impactation. I can't remember when I had a good bowel movement. But I did have a small BM last Tuesday morning. I have had some loose mushy stool come out since then.

    I want to try cleaning my bowels out completely and start taking stool softners and use suppositories. What is the best way to go about doing this? I have considered taking magnisium citrate. Would this be safe to try without first talking to a doctor? I'm inbetween doctors and I don't currently go to a SB specialist.

    I know this can cause major diarrhea and I have experienced that in the past when I would use laxatives. I've always used laxatives in the past when I'd go long periods of time without having a BM, but I know it's not good to use them regularly. I also know it's not good to use mag cit. regularly, but I was something that will get me cleaned out where I can start working on getting into a regular bowel program.

    How will I know if I'm cleaned out completely? Sometimes when I would use laxatives I would get to where it wouldn't be anything but brown watery stool coming out at the end, then some yellowish mucus. But I have wondered if I could still have some stool in the upper intestines even after it gets to that point.

    Are cramps and nasuea common side effects to magnesium citrate? I've have that problem when I would take laxatives. I also have a constance pressure type feeling in my lower left side of my stomach. Could this be caused by constipation? I sometimes go a couple of weeks without having much of a BM. but I never experience stomach pains/cramping, lost of appetite, bloating, vomiting or anything else. But I have been experience fatigue lately and I have begun to wonder if it could be because of constipation.


    Citrate of magnesium is a good med to use for a good clean out. Nausea and cramps are both side effects of constipation as well as side effects of mag citrate. If you start vomitting, that is not expected and it could be that your constipation has gone too fara and that you may be developing an ileus, where your bowels temporarily stop working. Sometimes 2 doses of mag citrate are needed about 6 hours apart.

    How do you know you are all cleaned out? That is sometimes tough to know (an abdominal xray would show you but rarely used for that purpose) and usually people tell by their stool being close to their usual bowel movement characteristic. If you are spinal cord injured and have a neurogenic bowel, it is not advisable to go more than 3 days between bowel movements, otherwise you are setting yourself up for complications.

    I agree for you to take the mag citrate and then start a bowel program that is performed regularly, usually 3x weekly. This usually includes high fiber diet, lots of water, a stool softener like colace and also either a suppository such as magic bullet or theravac mini-enema.

    If you search this site, you will get lots of information on a good bowel program.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


      I hope it will pass =) Best of luck to you.

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        I sometimes wear depends in case of accidents. I thought I had a major accident last night, but it turned out to only be one small formed stool and the rest was mushy. I tried going some more on the toilet. I think a small amount was formed at first, but the rest was completely liquid. It was a lot. That was the first BM I have had since last Tuesday, Aug. 30th. I don't understand why I haven't passed more formed stool though.

        I also threw up last night while I was trying to have a BM. This has happened a few other times when trying to have a BM. It's like my stomach is spasming causing me to vomit. I also had a weird feeling in my head and felt tingly all over while trying to have a BM last night. Could this be some type of AD? I have never been diagnosised as having AD before, but I experience this when I'm trying to have a BM after not having one for quite awhile.

        I also threw up twice today for no apparent reason. I am having an ultrasound tomorrow so I hope they will see if I have an impaction, but I don't know if they will determine that because the test is for something else.


          I have been doing bowel care as a care giver for over 10 years - one of my patients is amazingly regular due to strict adherence to the following: FRUIT with every meal - mainly grapes, watermelon or oranges. 2. WATER - drinking around a gallon of water every day and 3. Ground Milled Flaxseed - this has not only an amazing amount of fiber but also assists in keeping hemorrhoids from being inflamed - we use NO suppositories or stool softeners and do their bowel program 3 times a week - sometimes more often because they can "feel" that it needs to be done - on average it takes 1-2 hours using digital stim with breaks. Digital stim for about 5-10 minutes clearing the rectum of matter, break for 10 minutes allowing more bowel to work down and repeat until you have no results for 2 cycles......


            I feel a lot better today. I had the ultrasound done but nothing was mentioned about an impaction. I go back to my PCP Monday, but I'll have to find another one soon because he is leaving next week. I going to see if he can refer me to another doctor to get this checked out to see if I am impacted. I think that may be what is causing the pressure feeling in my lower stomach.


              I am going to ask my doctor on Monday if it's okay for me to take some magnesium citrate. If he says it's okay, I'm going to take some it Tuesday morning and will take another dose 6 hours later if I feel that I need to. I would like some advice on what to do while I'm doing this. Should I start taking some stool softners now so that my stool may not be too hard? Would it be okay to use a fleet enema on Monday night before taking the magnesium citrate on Tuesday? Should I go on a liquid diet for a day or two while I'm trying to get cleaned out? Would it be safe to take the magnesium citrate again on Friday if I don't feel like I'm cleaned out fully?


                All very good advice but don't forget about abdominal message. When you're laying down it's good to give the tum a good rub. Sometimes you can actually feel the stool in the large colon.

                Of course there is a way recommended to message by starting at the RLQ (right lower quadrant) messaging upward to the end of the RUQ (right upper quadrant) then move your fingers along the top of the large colon (imagine it in your mind) over to the top of the LUQ (we all should be able to decipher it by now) then progressing downward to the end of the LLQ (left lower quadrant).

                The key for everyone is consistency. And I'm not talking about how the stool is formed but a regular schedule. You can literally train your bowels by staying on a schedule. As mentioned previously SCI people should never go no longer then 3 days without a movement.

                The fruit and water suggestions are critical for good care. I know it's so boring to drink plain water but you can spruce it up with lemons or Even make lemonade (taking in of course any disease processes you may have).

                Holding in all that stool is definitely toxic for your body and will take a toll. Being tired is one of the ways our bodies are telling us to clean it up. Now when you strain to have a bowel movement the vagal/vagus nerve may come into play in reference to some of your questions ... do a search about vagal bowel concerns.

                My own recent story is when I thought I was constipated I actually found out I had kidney stones. I experienced severe pain in my LLQ and started throwing up, this happened twice before I went to have it checked out. I chalked it up to constipation and went to the doc only to find out I had kidney stones ... funny how the body works sometimes.


                  help any one , the moment i stand up , i have a bowel movement , what should I do , am fed up .


                    YOU must have a relaxed sphincter or your stool is too loose.
                    Keep your stool firmer and you should try emptying your bowel with suppository or Enemmez daily or every other day this empties out the lower bowel and less chance of accidents.
                    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.