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    shoulder mri questions

    my left shoulder has been hurting for about 8 months. it aches when i'm layin down and i can hardly lift my arm without excrutiating pain. i thought for sure i had a torn rotator cuff. i finally got up the nerve to have an mri done. the doctor said theres not much that can be done for it. maybe the nurses or DR. Wise can give me some insight. the mri says....

    "the examination shows normal signs from the fatty marrow of the bony structures of the shoulder girdle. the glenoid labrum appears intact. no shoulder joint effusion is seen. the acromioclavicular joint is remarkable without evidence for rotator cuff impingement. the rotator cuff shows some increased signal centrally suggesting tendinopathy. no complete tear is seen. there is a small amount of fluid seen within the subacromial and subdeltoid bursas. anterial and lateral to the humeral head is a multiloculated fluid collection measuring if 15 x 8.6 mm. this may represent a ganglion cyst. the biceps tendon is in normal position and appears intact."

    IMPRESSION:: abnormal study demonstrating increased central signal within the rotator cuff suggesting mild tendinopathy. a rotator cuff tear is not seen. fluid is seen within the subdeltoid and some acromial bursas suggesting bursitis. there is a multi loculated fluid collection anterial and lateral to the humeral head. this may represent a ganglion cyst. i doubt, but cannot entirely exclude synovial neoplasm. a followup study might be considered to confirm stability over time of this finding.

    could somebody please put this in laymans terms for me. i have an appointment with an ortho doc coming up. it sure hurts like a rotator tear.

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    Tendon in rotator cuff is inflamed, not torn which is good news. Until you see orthopodm, try a NSAID such as Naproxen 500 mg twice a day or(can take Aleve over the counter- usually 2- 200mgs)- or Ibuprofen 800 mg three times a day. Going to a shoulder specialist? Maybe injection of steroids would help
    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


      thanks CWO, i take voltaren 50mg twice daily and percocet 10/325 4x daily and these don't touch it. should i be taking more anti-inflammatories?

      it kills me somedays and others its not so bad. my gp said they were reffering me to an orthopdist not exactly a shoulder specialist.


        actually sounds not too bad. if you're not in a power chair then you're at the junction in your life where you prob need to deal with that reality. i just did recently, required a 62k new vehicle purch to accom my new chair. not a good thing, but i'm 23 post, 50 yrs old and have enuf problems, shoulder surgery and bed confinement needs to be avoided.

        to preserve your shoulder till you depart you may need to conserve its use for strategic stabilization exercises/rom and ADL's/work and not for repetitive use of wheeling.

        i went to xtender wheels first, huge diff, though still felt pain.

        also, though mri reliability/validity is good, it still cannot show all things that may be pain producing and cannot be often correlated with pain (ie good mri often goes with bad pain and vice versa)


          i hear ya crags. i actually have a power chair but have been reluctant to use it.

          i had bursitis in my elbow. they give me antibiotics and it cleared up but this is everyday pain and its been hurting for 8 or 9 months. when it first started i couldn't lift my arm over 90 degrees.

          it don't really hurt too bad pushing my chair except for going up ramps. the main pain is from reaching for stuff and transferring.
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            Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
            Tendon in rotator cuff is inflamed, not torn which is good news. Until you see orthopodm, try a NSAID such as Naproxen 500 mg twice a day or(can take Aleve over the counter- usually 2- 200mgs)- or Ibuprofen 800 mg three times a day. Going to a shoulder specialist? Maybe injection of steroids would help
            If you do take Naproxen be sure to take it with food. I ignored this instruction and was experiencing an unususal GI pain until I made the connection.


              chronic low grade inflammations, tendinopathies, bursitus, etc hurt like hell, but rarely justify surgery. that is, until a structure fails, tears, frays, etc.

              only long term stress relief (read power chair) plus deliberate planned stengthening and stretching of your shoulder mechanism offer a reasonable, non invasive, non med route for improvement. also hi-lo bed helps for easing bed transfers

              i had a usable vehicle, my new one cost 62k (power chair couldn't fit in old one)

              changes to my home office cost $$

              medicare paid for the chair

              yeah, i can use my old manual chair in my house. that is until the incline increases. pain immediately fires up. going backward was just as painful as pushing.


                i understand what you're sayin. pushin backwards brings on an awesome pain. guess i'll have to try the power wheels and see if that helps some.


                  I had bursitis in my shoulder doing heavy lifting 20 yrs ago and had steroid injections and then finally arthroscopic surgery where the Surgeon cleaned inside and shot steroids and and freezing in there and have had no trouble with my shoulder for 20 years but I'm not in a wc I use a cane with that arm though. I hope you find a good Orthosurgeon or it heals up after resting your arm. My arm cracked all the time and couldn't even lift without pain. Best wishes.


                    HEY great primary physician hasn't got me an ortho appointment yet. it's been a month already, i go back to see her wednesday.

                    my question is, what type of dr. should i ask about? an ortho surgeon, a regular ortho doc, physical therapist, sports medicine doc? i'm kinda lost when guessing which type dr is best for my situation.