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Urological bag cleaning tread (Drainage bags)

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  • Urological bag cleaning tread (Drainage bags)

    Out of curiosity some of us who use bed bags under the wheelchair etc .... Sediment seems to sort of build a whitish crust inside the clear plastic hoses

    This is not a gunk or uti
    It is more a mineral whitish particulate is the best way to describe it .
    I use a fresh bag weekly to avoid this but it is just mind boggling as to how these gritty things stick inside these pvc hoses
    ( I think the plastic hose is PVC)

    I flush clean the bag every day and still some form of whitish calcification will stick inside somewhere .
    What type of tips / tricks do other folk here utilize because these bags are fairly costly when you look at the overall picture .

    Topic wise I know this has been mentioned before but lately it seems that more people have been noticing sediment / stuff in their bed bag hoses .

    Anyway everyone have a good weekend and thank you


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    I've always noticed it, but not just in the night drainage tube ... also in my regular leg bag tubing and the bag itself. Normal urine contains about 5% solutes (dissolved stuff) including salt, so as long as it's a thin film I never worried about it.

    I used to flush with vinegar and that got rid of most of it, but I don't use vinegar anymore.


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      These particulates just amaze me how they stick

      I use hot hot water / Held the hose by a pair of tongs to flush it as best I can
      works to a extent .
      Just plum weird lol

      SCI Nurse any new ideas ?


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        I believe its your bones. I've had this stuff for years and would scrap it out on my leg bag fittings. THe connector between the catheter and the hose and the top of the leg bag plastic connector. Then two years ago got two kidney stones each about an inch in diameter. Doc convinced me to start cathing two/three times a day. Since then very little in the leg bag plumbing.
        If you want to clean it out, you might try a gun cleaning brush.
        Might take a sample of it to the doc to find out what it is too.


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          Hi baldfatdad
          I did bring samples to my dr/ surgeon and I may have a doozie of a bladder stone in me

          Some years ago I had a cyst / kidney stones in my left kidney .
          In a week or so i'll be going through more procedures to get rid of these thing's .

          Now as for cleaning out the bed night bags long hoses
          You think a long rifle cleaning brush may do the trick ?
          Thank you and have a good day



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            The gun brush is the only thing I can think of that might get in there and do some good. I've never used a night bag, too cheap. Just use my leg bag and lay it next to me. So I only deal with a foot and half of tubing.


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              You might also look for an old fashioned bottle scrubber. If you can find one, it might be cheaper than a gun bush.
              It is probably mineral deposits from the urine. It could be calcium. magnesium, or a variety of other minerals. If you are having a stone removed, you might just see it go away for a period of time. Vinegar and good old H2O help to remove it from the bag or tubes.
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                i always clean my leg/bed bags with bleach water. change bag every 2 weeks and my tubing is where ya can't see thru it after a week.


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                  yes, you got a stone, and vinegar dissolves it.


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                    Samething happening with my tube. I normally clean it or get a new bed bag. I don't think it's a stone, too many ppl have this issue. This bed bags are too expensive to replace daily or weekly. SCI just keep giving!
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