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    MRI translation help

    I had a MRI done on Wednesday and had medical records fax me the reading today. I am curious as to what my results mean, but my follow-up doctor's appointment isn't for another 2 weeks and I'm somewhat impatient. Can anyone translate the impression into layman's terms for me?


    HISTORY: Cervical strain.

    Study was performed without intravenous contrast. There is a mild cervical scoliosis with convexity to the right. There are metallic artifacts within the lower cervical spine and upper thoracic spine which does somewhat limit evaluation. This is consistent with history of Harrington rods which were placed in 1998, for scoliosis. There is minimal posterior disc protrusion of a diffuse nature at the C7 level of questionable significance.

    1) Mild cervical scoliosis.

    2) Minimal posterior diffuse disc protrusion at the C6-7 level of questionable significance.

    3) Study somewhat limited due to metallic artifacts from Harrington Rods in lower cervical spine and upper thoracic spine.

    Numbers 1 and 3 are of little significance. Just threw them in for more information.
    My main question is number 2.

    Thanks in advance!

    I guess it wouldn't hurt to include some more info about why I had the MRI in the first place. For the past year, I've been experiencing an awful, constant tightness and pressure in my neck and shoulders. I always have since the surgery, but it seems like it gets worse every day. I wouldn't describe the pain in my neck as hardcore pain, per se, more like relentless discomfort, but I do have a high threshold. Most days I just have to go home and lay down and even laying down, I find no comfort or relief. It just feels so weird. Some days my neck and shoulders are painful to touch, like a bruise. Every time I move my head to the right it pops loudly without me even trying, and if I move my head back and forth from side-to-side, it almost sounds (and feels) like something is scraping against something it shouldn't at the base of my neck. Many times I'll have to force pop it by throwing my head to either side just to make whatever feels like it is pulling in my left shoulder blade area to stop. In addition to that, I get headaches that last for days that headache medicine does not help. I also am experiencing sharp pangs in my lower left lumbar region mainly when bending or leaning forward that I was originally writing off as symptoms pertaining to my menstrual cycle, but they are becoming more acute and about as constant as the discomfort in my neck area, sometimes taking my breath away. The painful sensation can last for minutes or just come and go quickly, but occurs when sitting, standing, or laying down. Hope that helps.
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    I think the key word here is "minimal "and not signigicant enough for any further interventions. but that of course up to your doctor but of course could be causing some symptoms.
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