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Post surgery bowel trouble

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    Post surgery bowel trouble

    A couple of months have passed and I cant let this go any longer.

    I had a new baclofen pump put in on June 20. My regular bowel program was a magic bullet every two days. Now Im going almost twice a day. I think I have waited the right amount of time to let my bowels "get back to normal."

    The problem im having is a bloating feeling horizontally at my belly button only. I feel that I need to do a program right after I eat too. I am pretty dang sure I am not constipated because I have bowel movements daily. I also have an itchy burny pain on the left side of my bowel, near my hip bone.

    The two antibiotics they used for surgery is Avelox and clindamycin.

    Are you still on the antibiotics?
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      to counter the antibiotic effects on your bowels, might try immodium to get you back on track.



        I quit taking the antibiotic on June 27th. I waited a while to see if my bowels would get back on track. I have eaten yogurt to no avail also. I currently do not have diarrhea. It still feels like I have to evacuate all the time. And after I do, my belly swells back up. I was taking miralax as i do take pain killers, but I recently quit that and i am now on lactulose for a stool softner. I dont think ducolax is strong enough to counter the pain killers.

        Thanks to people that have posted as I have not tried immodium, yet. I will go to the store right now and pick some up to try!

        If anyone reads this please post something as I feel if this goes on any longer it might cause a larger problem.

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          i know when i tried baclofen i had to go all the time it also made me fell like i had the flu.
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