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Mitroffanoff Surgery on Thursday -- YIKES!!!

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    Mitroffanoff Surgery on Thursday -- YIKES!!!

    Hi All,
    I’m scheduled for the Mitroffanoff surgery on Thursday,Th and though I’ve read through (most of) the Mitroffanoff experience thread on this site, it hasn’t done much to alleviate my anxieties. Tomorrow I drink the GoLytely concoction (yuck!), and am also dreading that (my uro wants me to take it more than 24 hrs in advance because he fears I have a neurogenic bowel and won’t be fully cleaned-out within a mere 24 hrs). If anyone could possibly address any of my questions/concerns I would be so, so grateful!
    1. Regarding the GoLytely, does anyone have tips on getting it down within two hrs? Also, though I have MS (not an SCI), I use a wheelchair and cannot get on and off the toilet in a particularly timely fashion – should I drink the stuff while sitting on the toilet? How long should I plan to devote to the toilet tomorrow? Should I go out and get a cushioned toilet seat tonight? Will I be able to see the Lakers/Celtics game at 9:00 pm?
    2. Also, after reading through the possible complications associated with this surgery, are people legitimately glad they did this? I know my current situation (bag/SP tube) is not a long-term solution for me (nor is peeing my pants), but to say I’m scared of the surgery is a huge understatement.
    3. I know the recovery time is contingent upon the surgery, but I’m a teacher and would LOVE to salvage part of this summer. What have people’s experiences been with post-op care/pain and recovery?
    Thank you!
    Kate (31 yrs, SPMS – diagnosed at 19)

    i LOVE my mitro + aug! best decision i've made for myself. especially when going to friends' houses i dont have to worry about if i can fit into the bathroom. just need a bottle to go into. i cannot help you with the go lytely as i didnt have to take it (i had to fast for 3 days, and during those three days take oral laxatives, _ drink magnesium citrate, then the day before surgery i was admitted and had to drink fleet's phosphosoda until i pooped clear) keep lots of towels on hand (be prepared to throw them out) and ur body will let u know when it is time to go.

    recovery was 4 weeks - 6 months but i was going out and doing things 3 weeks post op. only needed major pain meds while in hospital.
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"


      We also admit our SCI patients to the hospital for their bowel prep prior to any type of bowel surgery or tests, including colonoscopy or augmentation. Recommend using Chux in bed or a bedpan instead of sitting on the toilet, but only for short periods with a bedpan (don't stay on it, or the toilet too long = pressure ulcer).

      Try having the Golytely chilled after mixing. It goes down a little easier.

      If everything goes perfectly, and your post-op ileus does not last too long, you might be out of the hospital within 7-10 days, but you will still need to recover at home and limit your activities for another 4-6 weeks.

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


        The Mitrofanoff part of my surgery was by far the best thing I've done since my sci!! What I did with my Golytely was put crystal light to flavor it which made it go down a little easier. Also take several big gulps at a time while holding your breath. Only take very short breaks. I was able to get 5 regular paper cups down (half gallon I think) in a couple maybe 3 hours give or take. I sat on a commode for the whole time I was drinking the stuff.

        I also did my bowel prep in the hospital the night before.

        I was in the hospital for about 9 days I think the first time. After I got home the very next day I was out and about. I still had all my tubes and bags in though. I felt fine to be outside. By the time I was admitted back into the hospital I was ready to have my tubes taken out and start intermitten cathing.

        Since I've been home it's been wonderful being able to cath when I feel the need to and not have to depend on someone or wearing a bag to help. I cath probably every 3 or 4 hours depending on what I drink and how fast I drink it.

        Good luck with your surgery and please let us know how it goes. Hope you won't have any complications!!