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Microcyn Bladder Treatment (An Open Letter to Dr. Young)

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    Originally posted by Leila View Post
    After today I won't be able to carry on with this project for quite awhile---I'm nort sure how long. So, if you need questions answered from the doctor I was allowed to communicate with, JenJen will put the questions to her, hopefully. I've given her the contact info. If anyone has an urgent need to contact this doctor, once again, ask JenJen.

    There was a lot more info I wanted to get to you, but at least we got the basics down--clean out the bladder with the Microcyn flush and then keep the microbes from coming back by rinsing the urethra with Microcyn prior to catheterization. How often you rinse and how far up the urethra you go you will have to work out for yourselves.

    My adult son has come home to live with us, his parents, because he is ill and we need to take care of him. Unfotunately, there is no Microcyn for his afflication.

    When I get really low thinking about the tragedy of my son's condition, I think of you all and all you've been through. And I think, if you all can withstand what you have, I can get through this. That thought always lifts my spirits. There is more than enough collective courage and intelligence in the SCI community--so use it to help heal yourselves. Your alive, and that's wonderful.

    All My Love,

    Hi Susanne,

    Sorry to hear about the bad news concerning your son. I hope things turn out well for him.

    And thank you for all you've done here at CareCure.

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      I used this for a while on my pressure sores on my feet ... they did seem to improve and be mighty clean ... unfortunately my problem was bone deep so I ended up in surgery. They wouldn't have healed from Microcyn alone.

      The Canadian distributor was very gracious in sending me two cases since it was close to expiring anyway. That was years ago. Unfortunately I wouldn't remember names or contacts.
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        Just to say I received the Vetericyn without problems, will report on it's use in the future.
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          thanks for the help. i'll definitely put the word out around here. sounds like it helps a lot afflictions.


            Just please remember, that there are no miracle cures that fix everything.

            The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


              HAHA, Nope, but this is SURE AS HELL, close. The great thing is you don't have to waste time in the "system" or waste a bunch of money, deal with all the hassles and best of all, NO antibiotics and no diarrhea from them, no bad side effects.

              Sad thought, it won't reach most of those who need it because of the "ONLY A DOCTOR can do it with drugs" mindset that most have.

              I know I will be using it. Still no return of colonization symptoms....
              John Jr is still hangin...



                That is great news, Capn! Hopefully as more people have success with it, the word about it and how to use it will spread, and more people can get some relief.

                BTW, CKF's caution about no sure things was in response to a post in which Leila guaranteed someone who's battled pseudomonas on both his legs for five years that Vetericyn would cure him, without knowing if the infection had invaded the bones or not (a la Lynnifer's post above). Vetericyn sounds like the answer to some of our common infections, but even it can't cure osteomyelitis (yet?).
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                  Thought I would chime in here...been battling the butt since my son's hospitalization last January...had it almost healed and a long drive to the doc didn't help it at all, then while family was visiting he was up more than he should have been it ended up getting worse of course....grrrr....sigh...bought a bottle at our local pet and feed store, and within a week, yes a looks great...the nurse was here to take a look and when I told her what I had been doing she said she'd turn her back as she could not give me the ok to use saw the improvement, you'd think she'd been excited as I was at how it was healing...

                  I appreciate this post, however I must admit I expected Leila to come back as a sales rep...hope everyone has a great weekend!


                    Just a random thought, has anyone ever tried this technique with colloidal silver?


                      Hey I've been reading up a bit on this subject. The generic term for this stuff is electrolyzed oxidizing water, or EOW. It is the result of electrolysis of a saline solution.

                      Electrolysis of a dilute sodium chloride solution liberates hydrogen gas and hydroxide ions at the cathode, producing an alkaline solution that consists essentially of sodium hydroxide NaOH which can be drawn off as “alkaline water”. At the anode, chloride ions are oxidized to elemental chlorine. If some of this chlorine is allowed to combine with some of the hydroxide ions produced at the cathode, it disproportionates into hypochlorous acid HOCl, a weak acid and an oxidizing agent. Some ionizer devices allow the user to draw off this solution for use as a disinfecting agent. In many cases the two streams can be combined to form a mixture consisting of both HOCl and sodium hypochlorite (equivalent to diluted ordinary laundry bleach), depending on the pH desired.

                      A couple points. You can purchase a device that makes EOW. Depending on how water is drawn off, it will produce a weak solution of hypochlorous acid, sodium hypochlorite, or both. These can be used as a common household cleanser.

                      Also I wonder if the same solution could be created by simply dissolving the chemicals directly into the water, creating the same weak solution without electrolysis.

                      Finally, the text I quoted above was from a "debunking" site, but they were debunking the idea that drinking the stuff would have positive effects. I think there might be reason to believe it would help treat bladder infections. Of course a clinical study would answer that question.

                      I'm personally willing to give it a try, as I'm currently battling an infection that isn't responding well to antibiotics.


                        Have you tried flushing your bladder with it yet, as JenJen has done, with great success according to her?
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                          I had made some research too about the company and the composition of the product but I had not yet spoken about it here. Yes, it looks like pH adjusted diluted bleach but as someone else mentioned here, it has a good shelf life which is important, since this kind of solution usually deteriorates fast. Unfortunately, I can't find the rate at which an identical solution would usually degrade. I am yet to find what is so special (or not) about Microcyn based solutions that makes them more stable, allowing them to keep the right ratio of chlorine species at neutral pH over long periods of time.

                          The active ingredients of Microcyn based solutions (Vetericyn, Dermacyn) are hypochlorous acid (HOCl @ 0,0025% or 25 ppm) and hypochlorite (OCl- 0,0036% or 36 ppm) at low concentrations with a pH around 7,2 (quite neutral). The graph below shows the relation between pH and the fraction of each chlorine specie, the higher the pH (alkaline), the more hypochlorite (bleach) you get which is not good since less efficient at killing bacteria than hypochlorous acid for a given concentration and more toxic to human cells. The graph is from the website of a company selling apparatus (Sterilox by PuiriCore) to make such solutions.

                          Again, there is nothing new here, this is not an innovative mechanism of action. It has been known for awhile that hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is true is also used by neutrophils (a type of white blood cells), kills bacteria.

                          I would also point out that it is also known (even if contested by some) that even chlorinated water, despite free chlorine concentrations of only 0,2 to 4 ppm at the tap, is linked to an increase of bladder cancer (either by drinking it or through skin absorption or inhalation when showering). Now someone will probably say that is the chlorinated by-products (CBP*) that are responsible for that increase and not the free chlorine which is probably true, but it still makes me cautious.

                          *When chlorine is used to treat water, it doesn't disappear, but produces hundreds of new compounds, now known as Chlorinated-By-Products, or CBP's. CBP's form when chlorine reacts with "natural organic matter" in the water. This "natural organic matter" includes sewage, soil, plant material, manure eroding from pasture and range lands, commercial fertilizers, algae, and pesticide runoff.
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                            I emailed Oculus, asking what makes their solution more stable and I am waiting for an answer. Another interesting table:
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                              Well I got an "answer" by email just now:

                              Thank you for your inquiry regarding our Microcyn Technology’s stability.

                              We’ve spent approximately $150M USD from the founding of the company in 1999 to date, completed 32+ clinical trials around the world and are launching prescription and over-the-counter products in wound care, dermatology, the surgical suite, animal health and oral care. Our technology is patent protected by 11 issued patents and 140+ pending applications. Part of our intellectual property portfolio covers our unique stability, so my apologies for not describing in detail our methods of stabilizing our unique and proprietary compound.

                              To which I replied:

                              I thought that since it was protected by patents you could have given me minimal info as to what is involved in the stabilization.

                              And the second answer was:

                              Our Founder and CEO likes to tease that although Microcyn Technology is patent protected, we don't share our formulation, methods of manufacturing or stability methods even with close family members.

                              Thanks for your understanding

                              Pharmacist, C4-5 injury but functional C6 (no triceps/flexors)


                                And you were suprised by their reaction/statement?

                                Well, years ago when we were discussing it, I couldn't locate suppliers or I would have had it then. I have heard bladder cancer til I'm sick of it. MOST of what ails the population is due to improper lifestyle. Correct that and the immune system works very well to protect us from all this disease and sickness that is now commonplace and thought of as inevitable. I almost got on a soapbox again. But I refuse now. The information is out there for those who desire the truth and are desiring a good quality, long life. I was scoped recently and the doctor exclaimed as he looked that my bladder was in better shape than his, except for being neurogenic. I realize everyone isn't going to be as dedicated as me, but over 10 years as a vegan was validated by my checkup.
                                This stuff works, it's in my toolkit. I used it today after a mean burn on my leg. Damn coffee, or rather, damn worthless cup.
                                Blistered and some of them burst and I've yet to look at it since this morning when I bandaged it. After a shower I sprayed it with vetericyn, put Tepezcohuite salve on it and a thin piece of gauze. Haven't did this since early on...scarred me then and took a few months to heal. We'll compare it now after it heals.

                                I guess the utube videos were not viewed by the questioning folks. Anyway, I will tell folks when I can, but like everything else, that's all you can do.

                                My bro in laws dad took my cat to the vet(new cat) short story... they got abx for a foot wound. I am not using them, I have maJik wawa.

                                I am thankful Leila started this thread and gave us the info. I wouldn't care if she WERE a salesman for the company, she can knock on MY door anytime.

                                JGNI and BOBKAT.... rem ember this?

                                POOF !! There ya go BOB.. did ya get any yet or r u gonna continue with H2O2 ? It's worked flawlessly so far n is a lot cheaper.
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