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    Hello - Just found the site as I sit here coping w/ an issue that has affected me for 28 years of SCI. I am a 28 year post injury T12-L1 incomplete para. Almost since the beginning, whenever I would get a fever for any reason (usually UTI) I get severe Pain Spasms (for lack of a better word) on a random spot on either leg. What happens is - I'll get a fever of 99.4+, and very soon thereafter I start getting what feel like severe electrical shocks, concentrated on one specific part of a leg or foot. The shock will last for about 3-10 seconds, it'll stop and then come again anywhere from 10 - 60 seconds later.

    The higher the fever, the more severe the spasm. Note - there is no muscular involvement, as in no muscles in the affected area 'jump' when the shock hits. I myself to tense up all my muscles in response to the pain.

    The first 5-7 years post-injury, I would get these episodes almost like clock-work, every 3 months. They then tapered, and I went almost 18 years practically shock-spasm free.

    Then about 4 years ago, I got hit w/ a UTI that took almost 6 months to clear, after 5 different antibiotics and finally an IV one. The first shocking episode happened during the onset of the UTI - and was so bad that the pain caused me to be sent to the ER. Since that time, when they hit, the strength of the shocks seem to be getting stronger and stronger. The pain is so much at times, that I have to yell out - almost sounds like I have tourettes.

    To date, after 28 years, there has been no definitive diagnosis - but probably because there's still a connection that is really scrambled at the injury site, any impulses from the brain as a result of the fevers becomes an elecrtical impulse thhat comes out anywhere below the injury site.

    All I know is it hurts like hell, they're getting progressively worse, and are interfering with the quality of my, and my friends and family's lives, as well as causing delay and damage to my work w/ at-risk teens and restoring cars - and my sleep too - it's now 6AM,and they won't let me sleep tonight either. One more note- these episodes used to last 24 hours or less - the current one started late Friday night/Sat. morning and they're still going strong today, Tuesday AM.

    HELP! Anybody have something like this, or know about these? And like I said, there's no muscle involvement whatsoever - even though it feels like 110 volts is being laid across my leg, there is no movement whatsoever. so, again, help . . . feel free to pm me.

    Thanks for 'listening'. Joe
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    Neuropathic pain often gets worse with infections or other disruption of your body's healthy state. In addition, aging can worsen neuropathic pain in those with SCI.

    What care are you getting for your GU system? Do you have a good urologist who really knows SCI, and do you see them at least annually? How do you manage your bladder? When did you last have tests for stones or other structural abnormalities of your urinary tract? Urodynamics?

    What are you taking or doing for your neuropathic pain? Have you discussed this with your physiatrist or pain management specialist?

    I removed your personal e-mail. You have your PMs turned on so people can message you here. If you want to also get e-mail at home, turn on that feature in your profile. People can then e-mail you but will not have access to your actual e-mail address. Posting it on a public forum like this leaves you open to e-mail harvesting by spammers and cyberstalkers.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


      I have exactly those symptoms of pain. I am "close" to the same injury - T12-L1 complete 26 years ago. I have sharp, shocking pain in my left-thigh. It is always more instense and more frequesnt when I get an UTI or when I get sick, tired or over-stressed. When I was in rehab I was told "of course you have pain, you have a SCI" but that was in 1983. Now it is different, my physiatrist has the pain mostly under-control with medication but it took a couple of years to get the mixture right. Find a compentent physiatrist! ASAP! Your quality of life will improve dramatically!



        I get those "electrical charges" which is exactly how I explain them too. I'm 2 yrs post this month, C6/7 complete. I think I'm seeing a pattern w/this feeling and UTI's. I have an appointment to see my doc today. I also "feel" like I'm FREEZING even though I'm not really cold. Normal temp stays around 97.5 and when I get these symptoms it's about a degree or so higher.

        A Hokie hello to Lone Beagle--I'm right down the road in ROANOKE!