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colostomy foods? looking for a colostomy forum

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    colostomy foods? looking for a colostomy forum

    my stool isnt loose but not hard either? when my stool comes out formed i have my best results. what is happening is the stool being soft [not like diarhea] its wanting to just form a blob right at the exit. so when the next movement occurs its blocked from the first blob[sorry ''blob'' just best explains it]. that forces the stool to go under the wafer. if my stoma stuck out this would be so bad but my stoma is sunk in so its harder to keep a wafer on anyway. ive looked online for colostomy foods that would help. i was wondering when they say foods that thicken stool does that mean more formed[cause thats what im trying to achieve]? i have had stool come out more formed before so it drops down during the movement. so im trying to find out what helps that. i do lubricate the inside of the bag and i know i can work it down by hand. but sometimes when its worked it causes it to go under wafer. appreciate any advice. also i know there forum based websites like carecure for people with ostomies any suggestions on which ones are better or most popular as far as members.

    thanx again and god bless,
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    Josh, I suggest you contact the manufacturer of your colostomy device. They are good at advising on this sort of thing.

    Also, are your wearing a wafer that is made specially for "innies"? If not this may pose a problem when evacuating.
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      ostomy forum
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        Uoaa forum - I participate on the irrigation Subforum It is. A great place. Ostomy world is a little bit like SCI world - the patients know more than the nurses and doctors.