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Stage IV pressure ulcer

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    Stage IV pressure ulcer

    Thanks for photos. My friend is quad- c5 complete- has stage IV sacral ulcers for two years, not able to be healed. He has spent all of this time in hospitals (acute and LTAC) and nursing home. He has a PEG tube for feeding and PICC line. He is only in early 20's. Has had sepsis, and other infections while under their care. Developed during 9 months ICU.

    His arms are contracted tightly against chest (clawed hands) causing it hard to turn him without pain be is in pain- sores on elbows. Stays on his wounds this way- Tendon release surgery request reviewed but told they won't touch him with his stage IV ulcers. Nursing homes won't keep him. The acute care won't have him there long because sub-acute... LTAC's only for 28 days...

    What can heal stage IV? Trying to get him home. Suggestions?
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    If you do a search using the tags "pressure sore" "decubitus ulcer" etc. you will find many many threads covering all aspects of pressure sores and of course there are the 2 stickies at the top of this forum -

    Here are a couple of examples -

    I've read your post in Caregiving but opted to answer you here ....
    I hope this is helpful and gets you started on your quest ..... bless you for advocating so hard for your friend I wish you all the best.

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      I am so sorry for your friend.
      You're a good friend trying to help him. Has he considered flap surgery?
      God Bless him. But for the grace of God we'd all be there.
      Was he at home when he got the ulcers?