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Any One Had Open Colostomy Surgery Instead of Laparscopically

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    Any One Had Open Colostomy Surgery Instead of Laparscopically

    I was wondering if any one here on Care Cure has had open colostomy surgery? I was told by the surgeon that I'm not a candidate for the laparascope procedure because of my past abdmoninal surgeries. He said he will have to make an incision vertically down the middle of my abdomen. If anyone had to have their colostomy surgery the same way what was your experience like & how long did you procedure take & how long did you have to stay in the hospital after the surgery? Also I would like to know how long it might take for the pain from the incisions to go away? Did anyone any ask for an epideural to help with the post-op pain & has anyone had a disposable pain pump inserted during the surgery to help w/the post-op pain?

    . Also I know some of you irrigate your colostomies.I'd like to know how long after the surgery you started irrigating your colostomy & what do you do after your finished irrigating it do you put a bandage over the stoma, do you put a cap over it or do you wear a small disposable colostomy bag?

    I apologize for the long post. I didn't realize it. I got carried away.

    Thanks one & all for your help. Perhaps KLD or Dr. Wise Young will chime in here for me & also some of the other SCI NURSES.

    Surgery date 12/9/09 at the VA in Tampa
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    When we have a patient who must have an open colostomy surgery, we generally see them hospitalized for 5 days due to the usual ileus (often requiring an NG tube and sometimes IV feeding) that is much more likely to develop using this procedure vs. a laprascopic procedure. As your surgeon correclty said, rarely would you be a candidate for the laprascopic procedure if you have had many previous abdominal surgeries or abdominal trauma due to the scars/adhesions that are usually in place.

    If you have abdominal and/or visceral (organ) sensation, then you need a plan for post-operative pain management with your physician. PCA is our usual management. The abdominal surgeons are not big on implanted disposable pain pumps here, although they are popular with both orthopedics and cardiac surgery. An epidural would rarely be used for a surgery like this due to the extend of the surgery and the need to place an epidural catheter having some risk for infection (meningitis). You should discuss pain management with the surgeon and/or anesthesiologist during your pre-operative visits with them, and I would recommend NOT signing the surgical consent until you have a plan in place for this.

    Irrigation is usually not done for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery because any internal sutures/incisions are still healing at that point, so most people go home with an temporary appliance.

    It is critical that PRIOR to surgery you meet with the ostomy nurse (CWOCN usually) who will 1) mark your stoma site (with you sitting in your chair without clothing on and with pants on), and 2) teach you about the management of the colostomy that you should expect both immediately post-op at when you go home.

    After the surgery the CWOCN should also see you to 1) check your stoma, 2) assess you for the correct brand, size and fit of appliance, and 3) teach you about how to care for it. This person should remain a resource for you (by phone and/or clinic or home visits) after discharge as well.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


      I did. but not by choice. I really can;t judge, b/c it was a week after my injury, and actually due to complications. Long time healing. I had no direct pain from it, as it was just below my level of injury. I didn;t feel anything when they changes the dressings. I was on a lot of pain meds for my back at that time, so, again. Not too sure.

      MY only reason for bothering to respond is that it did take a very long time to heal.
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        Thank you to S Jean & KLD for your replies. KLD you mentioned some good things that I havn't thought of. I will bring them up to the surgeon when I see him again on December 4th before my admission on December 7th.



          The recovery sounds horrible. Did the surgeon give you a timeframe that you could be up walking around again? Doesn't that tend to help the healing process, once you're able?


            damn, i typed a reply on here the other day and it didn't post....i'll try again


              i had open surg for my surg didn't do lapro was the only reason....i was out of hosp in 3 days i think, and had no issues from it ...i got a pretty good scar but healed fine....i planned on irrigating too, but never even bag is fine and if i go swimming, i just cap my wafer


                Thanks so much for your reply. How long was your procedure? Do you remember? I'm going back to see the surgeon on December 4th before my admission for the prep procedure on December 7th & surgery on December 9th. I still have a lot of questions for the surgeon that I have that I didn't get to ask him last time I saw him last month is General Surgery Clinic.

                After the surgery is over & I'm able to get to a computer in the VA Internet Cafe I will post here & let you all know how I made out. I don't have a laptop, just my desktop computer here at home. I will ask for a laptop computer from Recreation Therapy to use if I'm not able to get out of bed for several days. So stay tuned one & all to my colostomy journey just like Stevie P. did for you all.

                Bob S.
                Soon to be fellow colostomate
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                  my surg was pretty quick bob, about 2 hours..doc had a biker bar-b-q that afternoon, so didn't lollygag went pretty smooth and recovery was easy, i was in hosp pl waiting for cripple cab 48 hours later..i went home and back to reg schedule except NO can mess me w/any more Q's if you want...good luck


                    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. I hope my procedure goes as well as yours did. I was glad to hear the recovery was easy for you. I will message you if I have any more questions before I go to see the surgeon again on December 4th.

                    Soon to Be Fellow Ostomate


                      I just got off of the phone with Bob (RAFS) his surgery went well and he is home. He is having computer problems so he asked me to post this for him.

                      He was in the hospital 7 days after surgery for a total of 10 days. Every thing went fine the surgery only took an hour and he is having almost no pain (very little) he is even back to driving.

                      He will get back in touch as soon as he can, he really misses his Care Cure Community.

                      Stevie P