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Anyone have Harrington rods for 25+ years?

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  • Anyone have Harrington rods for 25+ years?

    If so, any problems?

    I've been having a lot of popping and cracking in my back. I had a CT scan a couple days ago. I have not seen the orthopedic surgeon yet, but the radiologist says I have fractures and vertebrae slippage. He says I need to see a surgeon asap.

    I believe these fractures were caused from my osteoporsis, and some bumpy rides in my iBOT.

    I'm really nervous. Anyone have experience with this? I'm probably going to have to have surgery, right? And then will I have to wear a brace after the surgery? When I had the rods put in 25 years ago, they put me in an awful brace that I had to wear for a year. If they tell me I have to go through that again, I want someone to just shoot me.

    Do you think they'll take the old metal out and put new metal in? What's recovery like for this kind of surgery? I was only 13 years old when I had it done the first time. I can't remember what the recovery was like. I only remember that brace.

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    Surgical techniques have changed a lot since those days. I had Luque rods put in Feb 86 & no brace at all.


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      Goodluck Shannon,

      I don't really have any advice but can definitely empathise with your thoughts on THAT brace! I had rods done when I was 13 too (15yrs ago now).

      Hope it is good news for you

      "The impossible is just that which hasn't been done yet.Impossible is nothing"


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        Good Luck Shannon. I'm sure things have changed alot.
        Praying you don't have to wear a brace like before. (hugs) Mona


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          This spring my husband had part of his 40-year-old rods removed and several vertebrae fused -- using much more elaborate hardware than in the old days.

          He had to wear a removable clamshell brace for 3 months. When he had the surgery as a teenager, it was a non-removable body cast for 6 months. Things have changed a lot.

          Find the very best surgeon you possibly can. Be careful with recovery, esp if you are in a nursing home for a while -- that was the worst part until we got him moved to a really good place.

          And don't delay. My husband might have been well-advised to have this done much sooner.

          Well, that's my experience, fwiw. Best of luck!


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            Thank you for the support and well wishes.

            Pugetsounder, a NURSING HOME? WHY? That terrifies me. How long was your husband in a nursing home? What level is his paralysis?