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Foot Drop Splint

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    Foot Drop Splint

    I have got a degree of foot drop which means that my heels are not touching my footplate, although the ball of my foot is. if I raise my foot plates, because of the foot drop, my legs are a little bit too high as the heels are not touching the footplate.

    I've been having a battle with skin problems lately. For the last few weeks everything has been fine, then all of a sudden the last couple of days, everything is going downhill again. I noticed that my right footplate had dropped down slightly which probably meant there was more weight on that side, incidentally, this is the side of the skin problems on my backside.

    There are various foot drop splints available and I was wondering if one of these would benefit me?


    You don't mention to what degree your foot drop is currently.
    Here is a post that has links to several types of splints.

    However, please know that if your footdrop is significant, a good stretching and ROM program is the best treatment.

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