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Successful surgery - no anaesthesia!

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  • Successful surgery - no anaesthesia!

    In May I posed a question here about whether it was possible for a C6-7 to have breast surgery without anesthesia...and precautions to take. I was very worried they would hurt me via transfer, manhandle me trying to undress and dress, and I'd end up with pressure sores from table, and I didn't want the side effects, and why pay for it if you can't feel anything! You gave me many helpful tips. So to report back:

    My surgeon was great to say the least, willing to work with me and said ''the head of surgery at this hospital is in a tizzy''. I undressed only top half; I drove myself to surgery in powerchair; they transferred me manually but carefully to table; all prominent points got pillows; they used a local; I directed them on transfer return to chair; drove myself home in van. Time in surgery about 45 minites. It can be done!! Thanks to all.

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    Even though it's not general anaesthesia you still received an anaesthetic. Did you get any sympathetic feelings because one would imagine that if the area was not anaesthetised correctly you would.

    I have had a number of operations below the level of sensation sphincterotomy,haemorrhoidectomy etc. For the sphincterotomy and subsequent scar tissue cutting operations they used a general but when I woke up in recovery I always had a splitting headache. This suggested to me that I was experiencing AD from the irritation while under. When I had the haemorrhoidectomy they used an epidural and consequently there was no AD until it wore off but that would have been there under a general as well.

    I'm certainly no expert but I believe it would have depended on the size of the operation and how adequately it could have been done via local anaesthetic. I certainly wouldn't be attempting any surgery below the level of sensation without anaesthetic of some sort.


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      I'm surprised they let you drive yourself home. That would seem unwise after any sort of anaesthetic. Glad it worked out for you, though. Congratulations on being such a strong advocate for yourself.


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        i've heard of more