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Spasms and driving

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    Spasms and driving

    For the past month or so, my spasms have been getting progressively worse which freaks me out when I'm driving especially on a bumpy road.

    What's weird is that I've been doing more exercise, ROM and lying on my stomach which should help, right?

    I take 25 mg Baclofen in morning and evening and I'm going to add 10 mg in the afternoon.

    No signs of UTI or pressure sores.

    Hey Mims,are your spasms primarily in your lower half?I found out that they actually have guards that can be put in front of your hand control extensions(the long piece that attaches to your pedals) to keep your spasms from causing issues.

    I have the same issues w/ bumps while driving or in my chair,they drive me nuts.

    If your just spazzing out of the blue now maybe it's time to see the dr & get checked out.Definately signaling something or atleast they do for me.

    One ?,do you drive from your chair?If so I may have a suggestion.


      Yup I drive from my pwc. I use electric hand controls for steering and gas so the gas pedal is always covered. What worries me is that I'm going to lose control of the steering. It's very sensitive (don't know if that's the right word) b/c it's electric.

      I have a check-up in a couple weeks anyways. I was going to cancel cause I can't be bothered going but I'll suck it up and pick up my lazy arse.


        I knew a couple of people who would cross their legs as they drive in order to help the spasms from interrupting their driving. They said that it has worked especially when their spasms were really bad.


          Have similar

          30 mg. Baclofen helps. Cross feet when driving. Transfer into powerseat. Have block on gas pedal. It can be a hassle.
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            Oh,no suggestions if its upper body.That doesn't sound fun.I don't have the electric steering but is there any way the sensitivity can be changed on it?

            Def. get your butt to the dr.Increasing spasms are usually signaling something is up.Good luck!


              Totally agree with the advice. A change of spasms signals that something is going on - it is your warning system. Do NOT cancel that doctor appointment ... get yourself there.
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