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Doctor's and diagnostics "All of this is related to your sci." regardless of issue

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    Doctor's and diagnostics "All of this is related to your sci." regardless of issue

    I am having trouble with new pain, new peripheral neuropathy never felt before, vision problems, eye headaches and allmost all of my doctor's have related these issues to my spinal cord injury. How can my vision issues be related to a cervical spinal cord injury. My neurologist relates everything to my SCI. I am very frustrated.

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    Sorry things have taken a bad turn for you, kittyshrine.

    Based on personal experience, it is possible for a damaged cervical spinal cord to affect vision.

    Back in my early teens, I had a malignant tumor that was fully intertwined in my spinal cord from C2-T4 -- the tumor had also spawned two cysts, one around the C5 level and one at the bottom.

    One of the symptoms I experienced before the tumor was diagnosed were dramatic changes in my vision. At one point my eyesight got so bad so quickly that my eye doc was in the process of fitting me for bi-focals as my first pair of glasses ever.

    But just before my final appointment with the eye doc, I had to go back in the hospital to treat dehydration (the tumor was also causing severe vomiting). I never ended up getting those glasses -- by the time I was released from the hospital two weeks later, my vision had returned to normal.

    Can't tell you how this c-spine cord damage affected my eyesight, but I know for certain that it did.

    Still, though, I understand your frustration. I can't tell you the number of times I went to a new doctor with a specific problem, only to have the doc stop looking for a real cause as soon as they heard of my history with that tumor.

    Hope you get some answers and relief.
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