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2 yr PO & major bowel issues still persist...HELP!

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    Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I think the real enema- I guess you mean the bucket full- is okay to use when needing a cleaning out, jus tdon't use soap of any kind in it-dries it out. Plain warm water works well by itself most of the time.
    Just don't want to use this on a regular basis, more of a when needed only.


    what is the "real enema"??
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      Tha tis what I was trying to clarify- there is a bucket with a tube attachment and it holds 1000mls to 2000mls,not the mini enema like the Enemeez or the Fleets.
      You can use warm water or add things to it.Not disposable, Clean the bucket and tubing thoroughly and reuse it.
      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


        I'd like to know what the serious side effects are from provigil, too. I have been using it for about five years now, for fatigue issues, which I finally got a diagnosis for about a year ago, after almost 15 years. It turned out I suffer from severe sleep apnea and now I use CPAP at night and have been able to cut my dose of provigil in half but still need 200 mg/day for residual fatigue. I don't take any opiates or any other meds that sedate me, and without the provigil I wouldn't be able to work full time, I would still be sleeping at least 12 hours/day........ and wanting to take a nap a good part of the rest. It isn't considered a stimulant (like amphetamines) but an agent that "promotes wakefulness", and it doesn't feel like one when you take it either. I describe how I feel when using provigil as the difference between staying up all night then drinking a pot of coffee (when I took ritalin, prior to provigil) and never having stayed up in the first place.

        Evonne, you asked what you can use for nerve pain. I think what works for everyone is different, but I never had any luck with opiates. Like you, the only thing that has helped has been topamax. Well, cymbalta helped too, but I don't take that anymore, but neurontin, even at very high doses, did nothing. In the beginning, topamax DID make me dopey, they call it dopamax for a reason, it made me sleepy and stupid, and terrible diarrhea too. Fortunately I wasn't working back then. Now, the only side effect is occasionally having problems finding the right word, but that seems to be getting better all the time. I'm guessing you take a 100 mg if you take 4 little pills. Have you considered going up on the dose? Epileptics take up to 800 mg/day, and I used to take 200 mg/day when I was using it as a migraine preventative as well (my migraines are gone, so now I take 100 mg with good control most of the time). I wonder if the fentanyl is even helping your pain. If it isn't, dropping it would most likely make your constipation a moot point. Is what little pain relief, if any, you are getting worth the considerable hassle of all these stool softeners and enemas and everything else?


          i switched over to methadone fo rnerve pain from couple years on oxycontin, i dont feel a thing as far as the methadone, i take a pretty low dose, 10mg 3 times a day, it does much better with my nerve pain than the oxycontin and the biggest factor, it last a lot longer, the oxycontin only lasted 5 to 6 hrs in me, so at 3 times a day i was always getting the yawns , which is my first withdrawal sign.
          methadone doesnt make me feel dopey at all, that too was my main concern, i asked around , even asked the pharmacist i deal with and they said they knew a lot of people and friends on it for pain with no loopey side effects.

          the real enema, can also be the 2 quart hot water bottle/enema/doche bag.
          i dont know why the train of though against weekly use is, the PIE and peristeen are just water enemma with a little power behind the water.
          i did the first real enema 2 nights ago, and all i have had since is gas, no stool .
          usually i have to dump 5 plus times a day every day , and that is with enemeez, it makes one a bathroom hermit
          That simple enema cleaned me out better than mag citrate and magic bullet and all the coloscope preps. i am sure if i added mag citrate that would really do it, but i really needed the attack from the bottom, it had to be loosened up.
          the fleets oil enemas and saline did very little, not enough fluid to get up there , where it was needed.

          i think once your all clogged up, like i have been dealing with for years, you need a lot of fluid from the bottom side to loosen it up.
          i read on the enema site to use salt to keep the water from being absorbed by the intestines, 2tbls salt per 1 1/2 quarts was the recipe , plus 2 tbls mineral oil and 2 tbls glyercin. the oil and glyercin are supposed to help it come out.
          i was able to hold it for about 30 minutes and did the rotational and massage the belly thing. i had been using fleets saline and oil for the last week with poor results. but at least i got some stuff out so i was able to hold it. it must have taken over a hour for it to come out , it didnt feel good, cramping, but the PIE was the same way.
          i could feel how it was working higher and higher, with 10 minutes lulls between discharges. water temp is important , they say around 102 degrees.
          cauda equina


            You might try Lactulose Evonne. I was prescribed it when I was impacted.

            In the treatment of chronic constipation[2], the metabolites of lactulose draw water into the bowel, causing a cathartic effect through osmotic action. Unlike other laxatives that are recommended for temporary relief, lactulose can be taken daily for decades. [1]

            It is safe for people of all ages, except for those in a very small percentage of the population that are galactose intolerant. Dosage may have to be adjusted over time to produce the desired effect.

            It is useful in treating people with chronic constipation due to forgetting or ignoring the need for defecation. The treament is to start the dosage at a low amount and then gradually increase it over a period of weeks until the urgency is such that a daily bowel movement cannot possibly be ignored.

            It is useful in treating people who abuse laxatives because lactulose has no toxic effect when taken at overdose levels, yet produces powerful results.
            It is useful for negating the constipating effects of opiates and opioids.

            This worked for me. I was impacted, and after taking it for a while three times a day, I took some Ducolax laxatives and it all came out in one long, long setting, heh. It can be used for decades with no ill side effects from what I understand. Good luck getting things resolved.
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              When I got stopped up like that I had to give myself an enema two times to loosen it all up but it worked.
              Iron is constapating also
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                We have some drops we call Lactoboral who always helps. 15 drops in a glass of water and the next morning...

                Many use them every second day for BM, but then they take maybe 6-10 drops at night.
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                  that big red bag gave me 72 hours of no poop, and i am always clogged up, going 2 times a day at my best times.
                  now i will see how long i stay one enemeez and the day was ok no pressure .
                  cauda equina


                    HI girly
                    I just wanted to tell u about my situation. When I was first paralyzed they did the same thing to me it typical. I was on every drug in the book not to say at first I didn’t need it for pain and whatever. Well I’m 10 years post opt as of last week. I take nothing at all I do a bowel program every other day cause it’s a pain in the ass literally. One day I just got feed up and flushed everything I started to eat healthy and drink fluid when the pain was bad I realized the meds didn’t do shit anyway so why bother they are expensive and probably aren’t good for you? I am a t11-t12 not sure what level you are? I use magic bullet suppositories they seem to work great and melt fast I do have to dig as you put it lol sometimes but it is what it is right. My suggestion to u would be take 2 weeks and try it you might have to use maralax in between days just to help back up at first but your body and mind are very weird it will get use to it. You will be better and remember to pick a time night, day, morning but stick to the routine that’s the KEY. Well if you have any questions I’d be glad to help if I can. I’m not a dr. but I live with sci DIANE



                      You still haven't said how much fluid you drink per day. Or did you say only one pint?
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                        Take my advice: Stay on the medications that make you comfortable and feel whole. Your bowel issues may easily be solved with OTC Miralax. If that stuff doesn't get the shit out of you, it's going somewhere else and I hestitate to guess.

                        It's not always about the pills you're taking, but often about our injuries in general. I have my ups and downs with my bowels and I only take three medicines regularly: Paxil, Xanax, and Excedrin.


                          Originally posted by Le Type Français View Post

                          Take my advice: Stay on the medications that make you comfortable and feel whole.
                          I could not agree more. Each of our situations is unique, and just because something works for me or somebody else, doesn't mean it will work for you. These are all merely suggestions. In the end, you are the best judge of your own body and what you need.

                          Wise quoted an article over on the pain forum that said that central pain is most common with incomplete cervical injuries, esp. central cord syndrome types. Aren't we the lucky ones, Evonne? Actually it does make me feel lucky since mine is mostly controlled with topamax. Before topamax there were days I thought I was going to lose my mind, this neuro type pain will drive me crazy in ways that other, even technically more severe, pain never could. I used to tell my doc I had alien creatures inhabiting my right leg, since I had no better words to describe it. And opiates didn't do a damn thing for it, except maybe make me not care if I took enough to make me feel wasted (and I needed to function), but then that is me. Your mileage may vary.

                          Okay, this is off topic but it is driving me crazy. Does anybody know why I always have to log in a second time whenever I want to post?


                            Originally posted by dunwawry View Post
                            Okay, this is off topic but it is driving me crazy. Does anybody know why I always have to log in a second time whenever I want to post?
                            You likely have cookies turned off. Turn them on and also allow your browser to remember the entry information for this site.


                              benefiber pills 3x a day
                              glycolax at lunch
                              fruit\food high in natural fiber
                              tons of water
                              bp same time nightly...


                                i agree with dianedank. Lots of fluids, milk, fruits and vegetables, not to much solid foods daily, exercise as much as you can, the magic bullet lets it out.
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                                whats that smell? its me, cause im the shit.

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